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RE: Na, da haben aber zwei keine Probleme.

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I think this is another off-topic post that needs to be muted. It seems to be about Sesame Street and the Bert and Ernie characters. The translation shows the words "hypnotic security" are used and that's as relevant as the post gets.

According to Google's translation the post is:

Well, two have no problems with that.
The good old seed road is the target of some de-serious attempts. How much did we learn with Ernie and Bert e.g. uhhhh, I can't remember anything but something.
Sesam Street has been around for over 50 years and is still running. There has never been a real overhaul of the characters or themes, has there been?
The two are lovable thugs, as you can see, the renewal of television does not stop for under 5 year olds.
The two, Bernie and Ert are real specialists, not only do they shave without taking the joint out, they can also cut their toenails without taking off their socks!
With hypnotic security, the two navigate their way into the GmbH with a delay of 13 years


The post is humorous. It is an ironic paraphrase of the approach to drugs that also induce hypnotic states.
The core of the post is of course the satirical video of Bernie and Ert (original Ernie & Bert).
It may not have hit the exact core of the Tribe, but mute without asking?
I hope you will reconsider, there are people who can adapt, even if they have been wrong before.

It's up to @dannychain to mute or not but my opinion is this post should be muted. Muting just means your post won't be seen by the community any further. I doubt you'll be blacklisted or banned for this single post so, yes, you should be able to adapt and try to create more relevant posts.

Maybe something is lost in translation but rather than something like sedative-hypnotic drugs your post simply seems more like it deals with stoner comedy and better suited for maybe the WeedCash Network community

Posted on HypnoChain

Yup, I'll mute it on HypnoChain Tribe. But as @holovision.hypno said, that doesn't mean it's a blacklist (even muted the post still shows up by url) and it also doesn't mean the author will never be able to post there ever again. It's just a way we can curate the posts appearing on HypnoChain, as it would otherwise show this post (and any other post containing the words hypno, hypnochain and hypnosis).

I'm really sorry @hive-138307 and @sportsbuddy as I could not "validate" the contents of the video (as I can barely speak English, having Portuguese as my native language 😅).

It's a hard situation. I don't wanna restrict the community for the English language but I also can't make sure a Deutsch post (or any other language besides English and Portuguese) fits the community core.

That being said, if anyone here is also into hypnosis I would gladly accept a "German Moderator" so we could avoid situations like this. 😉