Radio Evolved 17 May 2020 - Music & HIVE Gaming!

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Weekly show with independent music from our community as well as updates on our Hive blockchain game -

This week I discussed all the updates to our Rising Star music career game and gave away some "FanBoost" collectible cards during the show.

Join us on Discord to get involved:

Join the Discord for "Rising Star". Go from busker to mega star!

Earn crypto listening to music on


Great show (as always). We had a lot of the Atom Collector Community on Discord las Sunday which was very cool. Many of the members are witty constantly crack funny jokes, plus we've got a few meme experts in the house, so the live show is quite enjoyable.

As far as Rising Star, I've finally been able to spend some time with the game and earn my first 1000 Starbits which have gone to my Hive-Engine account and are ready to be spent on Rising Star Cards! You're doing really good Juxt! hope I can be of help with the game.

Thank you very much. It's a very exciting and fun time!

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