How can WallStreetBets benefit from HIVE

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If you are new here, you might be thinking about how HIVE can help WallStreetBets. There are numerous ways, and in this post, I'm going to highlight the ones that I consider are the most important. This will be a short but powerful post.

Fast. Scalable. Powerful.


The Blockchain for Web 3.0. HIVE is a very fast Blockchain. Its three-second and feeless transactions make it ideal for developing apps, NFT games, content creation, and social media apps. For more info, I invite you to read HIVE's WhitePaper:

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Own your data!


HIVE accounts and communities are immutable. This means that no one can take away your profile, and no one can take away your coins. As long as you have access to your private keys, you control your account and communities. All data is backed up in the blockchain. For more details, check out this site:

A world of decentralized applications

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The HIVE ecosystem has many applications, most of them are still in development, and you may find some errors, but these applications and websites have proven to be very valuable. Some examples are @peakd, @splinterlands, @ecency, @threespeak, and @leofinance.

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Some of these apps have been rebranded. SteemPrees is now @exxp and eSteem is now @ecency.

Censorship Resistant


Hive doesn't have a CEO. There is not a sole company or organization behind it. It is run and co-owned by the community, which by the way is sick of central authorities. If you own HivePower, you own a part of HIVE, and you can influence the governance and the reward pool.

The apps on this blockchain are censorship-resistant, but we do have to follow some community guidelines. If someone is plagiarizing or posting illegal things, their posts may be hidden by frontend owners, but they will still be in the Blockchain; they cannot be deleted. The community serves as moderators, and by a voting system, they can decide what is shown.

We have several frontends. For blogs/text, we have,,, and for video, we have and (streaming), to name a few. You can find more information about the HIVE ecosystem here:

Tokenized Communities


To finish this post, I will talk a bit about the advantages of having a tokenized community on HIVE. You can develop your token and reward your community with it. On HIVE, this is possible, and there are already some great examples. One is @leofinance, and the other is @clicktrackprofit. On LeoFinance (, users can post about Crypto and Finance, and they can earn LEO, HIVE, and sometimes other tokens. LEO is the token of that community, and it can be converted into HIVE or directly to Ether and sent to your Ethereum wallet.

WallStreetBets could create their token on HIVE have a unique frontend and reward their users. The same users that are creating and consuming content can be curators. They will upvote the content that they like and downvote the content they disapprove of. HIVE works similar to how Reddit works, the big difference is that on Reddit, you only get karma, and on HIVE, you can earn crypto.

These are some of the many benefits that HIVE has. WallStreetBets can take advantage of the existing infrastructure, including dapps, communities, frontends, and tokens.





Our HIVE project: @aliento


This amazing HIVE graphics were created by @doze.

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could we have a promotional campaign on reddit and r/cryptocurrency? I am already busy advertising Hive on there :)

That would be a great idea! I'm not very experienced with reddit, but it would be nice to make an effort as a community.

Do you know the requirements to make a promotional campaign there?

Need to look into this and find out a way to do this cleverly, without getting kicked off. We really need to mods to move and not to focus on the users so much imo. It is Infact something we need to look into: “how to transfer a Reddit community to hive”

good point, this reminds of the time when people started to move from digg to reddit :D

All Reddit needs to do is integrate hive accounts to their app. Same thing as all the other web2 systems need to do. Whether or not it gets to an adapt or die situation is not clear to me yet. I hope it doesn’t and the web2 systems voluntarily integrate

but why would they do that? wouldn't that hurt their business model?

I think it’s inevitable

I don't understand why those people came here to spam #leofinance, they rather joing the empire of war community has they just declared war on lf.... imho.

no, not really, I'll see if I can look into it though

It all starts with you.

Get going yourself as others have. Begin by tweeting out this article that really explains what the advantages are.

We need to fill up the WSB community with a ton of articles about crypto and finance.

This is up to us.

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I agree that Hive could be a perfect place for Wallstreetbets but Reddit decided to do their bet with the Ethereum blockchain, don't ask me why, I also don't get it, yes, is better known and has much more reputation than Hive but those gas fees should discourage to anyone.

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Do u have any contacts as to who is running the initiative on ethereum?

No, I wish I had.

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That is true but we can counter that with a targeted promotion campaign. Articles such as this need to be spread all over twitter, facebook and reddit. We need to hit up #wsbchairman along with any other influencers we know in there.

We are now getting the tools, time to use them.

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Thanks for mentioning Ecency. 🙏 Learn more about Ecency, don't miss our amazing updates.
Follow @ecency as well!

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Hivesigner: Vote for Proposal

Ohh yeah! 🤑✌️💥💥💥🚀

Nice graphics!

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We are the Hive Mind.

Very concise yet strong message brother. Those beers look gorgeous. I would definitely get drunk of #Hive beer all day long!

Thank you, brother!

That's a really good marketing post. I have only one comment in one picture:

Join the revolution.

I think #hive is evolution with no violence, it all depends on the individual who decides for himself what to do.

How do we get that info in front of the Wallstreetbets decision makers?

@starkerz and @theycallmedan are working on that. There should be an announcement soon.

Hive to the moon with WSB here now

You said it all my friend. This post will be a must read for all users.

I really like the new guy from Hive with those glasses.

Those pump and dumpers already have their own blogs. No need to pollute ours with their crap.
Pumping and dumping is harmful in the long term. We aren't trying to be a flash in the pan place to spam memes and rocketship emojis.

"no one can take away your profile"
But it can easily be shadowbanned, blacklisted, reduced to -10 rep, and hidden from almost every view. Just don't say/do the wrong thing or piss off the wrong person/group.

"no one can take away your coins"
Are there platforms where your funds can be stolen by other users, or platform owners? I'm just curious what we're drawing a distinction to. Who are we contrasting ourselves against when we say we don't take people's coins?

the ecosystem of HIVE is wonderful, soon many will notice it

there are hardly any short publications as powerful as this one. It summarizes in a compelling way the potential of our blockchain. Congratulations


You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

I like how there are comments about eth and reddit doing it together,but what you mention "owning your data" is the one kicker that no one can provide.
Love the illustrations! So powerful!

Yeah maybe time to get back into DOGE!! 😉

So what's up with the flag? Some bullshit.

Yeah cool I get it. I'll unsubscribe and not support your community since you want to be a dick.