A thoughtful welcoming Gift from @enginewitty

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”Black birds tend to like Shiny Things.” ~ The Bloody Raven


On Discord chat a number of months back @enginewitty offered me a surprise gift. I figured it was sort of a welcoming gift by our illustrious Witness of myself into his Steem Hive family. I’m still not sure if that was a group practice among other alleged initiation practices like having to acquire some metaphorical space egg from a certain senior member, of some fictional planet empire, who may judge you worthy to join the family of @thealliance. Then post a blog on, ‘Why I want to join this said Alliance.’ and to be further scrutinized by the membership. If I'm not already uneasy enough on a stage.

The Witness himself; not sure if he's tall, but he's dark and mysterious ... two and a half out of three.

My ‘Stacking sister’ @silversaver888 sort of blazed the trail for me. In fact I though this format is so much more suited to her than to me. She is very social compared to my reclusive tendencies and I couldn’t see myself here this long without knowing she’d be here.

I was already sold on the ideal of Crypto currency as part of a financial portfolio but had very little cash left over to invest in my budget let alone gamble. So social blogging to earn crypto currency was an attractive option for me as I came in with a group of excited YouTube Precious metal Stackers. In the summer of 2017 I signed up it was not without some apprehension. Why?

First, this Cool Tee top he sent.

It was almost the feeling of being in High school a stage of my life that I did not have warm feelings for. I had terrible writing skills well below average for my group add a slight stutter that I’ve trained to control but leaks out when I am under stress or fatigue. When my new classmates discovered it I was immediately a target of ridicule so I found shelter with the remedial ‘Misfits’ and that’s where I acquired my Gothic taste… anyway, it was later that I trained in a certain way to write that takes more time and energy so no one would notice my disability and I was able to survive Nursing school with the skills. My heart sank as I found that my kids had a similar thing but I was determined to spare them the pain as I liquidated my retirement savings and got them into a private school known for handling such cases. I tell you it was well spent.

Hidden inside the top, a Pit Bullion Pirate Cube

And a hand poured 1oz. 0.999 Fine silver Pirate Cube

As a mellowed downed Goth I still have the natural Social distancing tendency to part myself from the mainstream crowd and look for a dark corner of this blog-chain to accumulate some off-the-grid wealth but still more or less a loner especially since most of the original YouTube Stackers abandoned the Blogchain ship with the price plunge except for my beloved sister Silversaver888.

And it was also people like @stokjockey, @underground and yes now @enginewitty that in a tangible way made me feel welcomed into a family. These are encouraging people do actually read my blog rather than just simply auto-voted by a bot. Witty knows what tickles my fancy.

Pit Bullion Pirate Cube

What a very nice welcoming gift from our Witty!

I think Witty’s first words, under another alias, to me were, “Interesting tags you’re using.” As I was a non-member using the alliance’s tag since silversaver888 consider these people worth joining with. I didn’t feel ready but subconsciously felt inferior to their level of writing. That is one reason I focused on quality content first and then join later. I waded in on just commenting on posts, learning the Markup in what little spare time I had and wasn’t until the Spring of 2018 when I made my first Introductory post.

Photos shot at my workplace Lounge.

It was just recently Witty asked me to support the alliance with a modest delegation. At this point I didn’t care much about the value of our Steem Hive and didn’t make any difference with as far as my dust votes is concerned.
Witty’s reply was, “Welcome to the Family!”
That’s it? No drawn out ritual, no elaborate ceremony, no road to travel. Perhaps I’ve already traveled that road having met the criteria concocted only in my imagination only to find I am already there.

Now I am just content to blog for the mental exercise and for my loyal followers.
“Family”, what a powerful word.

Hugs & Kisses! Thank you, Witty!


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons
Witty’s Portrait


Banner by @thekittygirl

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”





Hot damn that hugs you nicely😍 love that I can tickle your fancy😜

And most welcome sweets. 😘🤗🤗

Watching you grow and conquer your own style here has been awesome. You are very unique in the way you present things and share yourself and I love it!

Helluva a thing you did for your kiddos. Mad respect.

And finally yes, you are here. Have been for awhile🤗

Hot damn that hugs you nicely😍 love that I can tickle your fancy😜

She's got a great figure, even @silversaver888 says she needs to put on a little weight. When a Hottie like my Sadie Savers says that, you gotta be doing something right 🤣🤣🤣

As far as "tickling fancies" goes, ur prolly right up there LOL @witty 😉😁😉

Do I tickle yours Undy? 🤣

As far as "tickling fancies" goes, ur prolly right up there LOL @witty 😉😁😉
Do I tickle yours Undy? 🤣


I sure hope not


I meant all the ladies 😉

And all this time I was waiting for a Member to Black List me for "Tag Abuse" accept for one instance but I won't name the individual, but after some time I resumed using it as I continue to admire the level of writing of a number of alliance members I followed.
Meanwhile I try to improve on my writing whether it be an opinion piece, expository or narrative .... and I won't Poop Post unless it was absolutely necessary. Hell, I don't even self vote. Adopting examples practiced by those I admire.

The Public school system combined with the Health care system was taking far too long with their insane bureaucracy and after almost three years with my kids falling further behind I decided to spend the $50,000+ to a Private Christian school, I'll find a way to Retire lighter and the school gave me an unexpected Tax Deductible receipt for it and did their miracles. My youngest son not only managed to finish the Standard Provincial curriculum with modest scores but also graduating with two scholarships as well. I am so Impressed.

Thanks for your Faith in me and for your 'Behind the Scenes' support Witty.

Firstly, I am honored as all get-out to be mentioned with your inner circle. Fantastic group, to be sure!

You know, a lot of us in this article joined around the same time, and we stuck with the platform. I was 5-11-17 and @enginewitty said he was close to that. He did a post a while back, kinda like this one, and he told me I was one of the first budZ he had on here! I'm so proud to be linked to outstanding Hive Folks like this exact group. Witty and I both have a lot of Lovely Lady friends on here, his crew 'might be' a bit larger 🤣 maybe.

@kerrislravenhill, your writing is definitely FIRST RATE and I had no idea you had any problems communicating! Well Done! The upside of that is, once you overcome the hang-ups, whatever they are, well, sometimes there are hidden easter eggs of creativity. Kinda like the autistic being like Perfect Mathematicians, or able to play piano like a virtuoso, w/o any training whatsoever. I'm sure that's a clumsy description, I hope everyone takes it the best possible way! 😱 LOL

Like I said before, you are one of the very best writers across both platforms...


It's been a tough road for me in real life and I do have few Church friends that had faith in me to help get me through some crisis, real people that come in at the right time.
By divine providence or total fluke In the same way you came in at just the right time as I was just deciding to whether to abandon the Steem ship or stay and keep bailing.
You had faith in me as a member of this community and in a vicarious way, an alliance member incognito, as a creature of faith myself I could not disappoint those who have demonstrated their faith in me to succeed.

Sometimes I wonder how different I would be if I didn't endure the process, knowing when to be humble and ask for help or accept encouraging advice of wiser people.

Unlike my fine boys, I wasn't spared the slings and arrows of life so I escaped into the world of my Imagination and creativity in books of Paperback writers that spun their heroic stories of worlds far away in time and place.
One suggestion to me was, "Don't worry about schedules feel free to put to print the your stories when they are ready. It's your blog." And they are still mulling around in my head but I will eventually share my literary escapes.

I hope my kids find their passion and talent one day.
Thank you for being there Undy.

Awwww U give me too much credit,
but gladly I accept your friendship 🤗

Thank You for sharing your story!!
Your children are so lucky to have you as a Mom!!

My adopted little brother, @Enginewitty, is one of a kind. A great one of a kind. :D

Thanks @snook
Our public school system is terrible for accommodating kids with learning needs, they recognize the problem easy enough but it's bureaucratic process went on for almost three years with very little progress. Falling too far behind I had to go to the route of a Private Christian school that has experience with children with learning problems. I had to pull double duty home schooling them in the day and worked nights until they got in and the school performed miracles establishing a diagnosis, prescribe a neurological stimulus regimen and an educational plan and strategy in a few months. The school also had quite a comprehensive anti-bullying policy and my kids never complained of any such activity. My two boys finished with good but modest marks under the Standard Provincial curriculum and my youngest is graduating with two scholarships, I am so proud of both of them achieving so much in such a short time. It was money well spent.

Congratulations @kerrislravenhill! Nice T-shirt and awesome silver score. Take care sis!🤗💕

Thanks for coming by @elizabethbit
I love the top! Never thought of making a Tee with the Bloody Raven's black flag.
I just hope no one recognize me on the street and say out loud, "Hey, you're the Pirate gal with all that silver on the internet!" Gasp!

Lol! If they ever open up the border again, I might not be that far from you. Take care sis!

Oh nice, @enginewitty also offered me a gift too. Though I asked him to hold onto it until we meet in person :-)

That is some really badass gifts and I am soo happy you are in #thealliance family and that we both in #silvergoldstackers family to 😍 so happy to gotten to know you Kerris 🤗 you are amazing.

Glad you got some welcome gifts and Witty he sure knows how to show love and makes you Smile 😁

Thank you for sharing and well deserved beautiful 🤗😍😘💋
Much love



Thank you @saffisara
My stacking mentor tells me I should find more good people to hang around with and that hanging around happy and supportive people will help foster happiness and supportiveness to others (you become the company you keep) I'll try to hang around the Alliance Discord more often if i can. ;)

A well-deserved surprise gift, sis @kerrislravenhill! You must be a favorite, sis... I had to go through hoops.
You and I, my sis @kerrislravenhill, are true off-the-grid wealth accumulators 😁💪, sharing our journey with each other and to those who will appreciate what we do. Most importantly is that you are dearest to my heart, my stacking sis, @kerrislravenhill.
Have a beautiful weekend, take care 🥰🌺🤙 lots of love and a million hugs and kisses 🤗💕💋!
!tip 1


There's another elite member!!!

No one promised life was easy Sis.
🌺 💝 🌹 💓 🌸 🌼
Thank you for being here when I struggled to get my social act together, you have been a consistent and stable anchor in my experience here even when I am having trouble making the time and energy getting into this community.
A true Sister!

Congrats on both the soft initiation and the hard silver!

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Getting all worked up for nothing so perhaps that was the idea.
Better get in before they change the Initiation rules again.
Thanks for your comment @ronavel

Nice gifts from Witty. You’re lucky it was that easy, I had to go through a whole set of stuff to get in, so did Silversaver.

And I got all worked up for nothing, perhaps that was the punchline all along.

i love this pirate stuff, nice

Adding the special & lovely Pirate Cube into my Pirate Booty Bank! I shall remember Witty's personal touch.
Thanks again for dropping by @djohan

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