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Thanks for taking the survey @themarkymark, I was hoping at least one whale would take it so we'd have a full spectrum of users.

A great, brief but succinct survey response. I have trouble with the explaining in 5 minutes thing too. Though, I’ve onboarded a handful of friends and family.

What was your first impression?

Holy crap there is a lot of spam.


Do you feel it has improved much over the years @themarkymark?

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Rc reduced a lot of the “spam” but the farming remains although hf21 helped with a lot of that as well

Glad to hear @themarkymark. I personally do feel a lot has positively changed since 2017. Even though I was skeptical about hf21 at first, it does seem to have a positive impact.

The understand in less then 5 minutes seems possible.
Maybe we need to come up with a new concept on how to frame Steem.
I really feel the social network aspect should not be front and center. It’s not very sexy right now.

It makes me feel better to be able to have time to engage with friends here by participating to different activities here. And I encourage my fellowsteemians to keep on engaging with the other Steemians here. And since my stay here in Steemit.com is not that long, I hope to have some improvement as a Steemit blogger here. And you can do the same too, and I wish for you to have develop your work in Steemit blogsite as well.

Marky told me to comment here. Can we be friends?

I said an intelligent comment :)

But sure, we can be friends.

Wow, what an asshole reply. Nevermind, I can't be friends with a big meanie.

Nice show! I will try to stop by more often. Let's brainstorm ways to get engagement up. I am going to take your idea and work on it. I will try to read and engage on at least 5 posts a day from users who I haven't engaged with in the past week, including at least 2 user names that I can't recognize.

I suddenly have this strong desire to know as much of the core user base as I can and invite new people into that core. I will make my next post an attempt to spread this feeling. :-D see you around