What If We Apply Logic To The Tron Situation? 🤔 Where Do We End Up...


🧐 So, Tron Acquired SteemIt Inc. || what does that mean?

It means that Justin Sun did what was allowed & able to be done this entire time. He bought stake into a stake-based platform. If you weren't aware this was allowed, then I'm sorry you've been navigating Steem this entire time with a very stunted view.

Anyone could've done this at any moment, we should have know & expected it.

😱 I'm Freaking The F Out! || what do we do now?

We calm down & apply some logic to the situation. Here's the great thing, we can already layout every possible outcome that may occur. In fact, let me do that for you:

  1. Justin leaves Steem alone & allows development to continue
    • this would surely increase the value of that shiny new bag he just picked up
    • he also stands to piggy-back off of Steem's success, as he's able to attach the Tron name to it, just like with BitTorrent
    • he also is now able to earn money from the SteemIt Inc. company, which can stand to generate some pretty decent income
  2. Justin merges SteemIt into Tron - SUCCESSFULLY
    • if it's a successful merger, that must mean that we as the community realize that it's better over on Tron, and so we packed up & hopped over their, hopefully with some sort of airdrop
    • being on a better chain should be obvious as to why it's a good outcome
    • if Tron gets upgrades to run a successful Steem merger, Tron would end up becoming one hell of a blockchain to compete with, and we're all now apart of it
  3. Justin merges SteemIt into Tron - UNSUCCESSFULLY
    • "unsuccessfully" is a bit hard to define, but let's just assume for sake of argument that the new "TronSteem" sucks ass
    • the community here on Steem would fork
    • we would get a ( much needed imo ) new name in order to avoid confusion
    • we would most likely also go the route of forking out the 75 million SteemIt stake & redristbute it either via an airdrop, the @steem.dao, or some sort of "alliance marketing pool" to help promote & market this new fork chain

🤔 Ok... But What Happens Then? || what works & what sucks?

That's the funny thing: It doesn't matter.

Let's face some hard facts, Steem was / is dying. Users are leaving, developments are stalling, and hype is dwindling. We needed something to happen to help save us.

Justin Sun, whether you like it or not, is now that something.

No matter if outcome #1, #2, or #3 ( or some chaotic mixture of multiple ) occurs, we are ultimately left with the same ending response: We need to work hard to make Steem survive & thrive.

🤐 Addressing Specific People || and their specific criticisms

Person A:

the optimist
Person B:

the pessimist
Person C:

the centrist
You probably think that every thing is going to be ok, no matter what.
You're wrong.
In order for things to be ok, we need to fix problems. We need faster on-boarding, we need more participation in voting, we need proper education & use of downvotes, we need more worthwhile projects earning funding through the dao, we need more users - recognition - and marketing. Don't just sit there and assume everything is fine. We all need to put work in to help keep this place alive & healthy.
You probably think that no matter what, we're all doomed. This is the end of Steem.
You're wrong.
Steem is in the same position now as it was before, struggling. This news doesn't change anything except the name of the person who owns SteemIt Inc. There's still a chance for us to break out of our rut & garner more attention. Communities are coming, and they're pretty fucking cool. SMTs are testing, but in the meantime we have @steem-eng tokens & NFTs. @aggroed seems hyper-intent on creating an ambitious marketplace with all this amazing tech. There is still hope for us yet.
You probably assume that this doesn't change anything. That we are technically in the same position as before, we just now have the added possibility that a fork may be in our future. You probably assume that no matter which path we go down, it'll be up to the Steemians themselves to correct our ship & help us achieve greatness. You probably don't participate in the FUD & instead focus on building, posting, curating, and promoting. You're wrong.
Oh... Wait a minute... Actually:
You're Right!
With or without the sale, we'd still need to fight to survive

😵 But... But... But... || final wrap up

I'm going to put this extremely simply & wrap up my thoughts into one nice little TL;DR:

We were either gonna die under Ned, or die or Justin. It doesn't matter who owns us, it matters what we do to protect our future. Justin can provide money & marketing. If we don't like him, we can fork. Attempting to maintain & promote a fork on our own will be difficult, but no more difficult than what needs to be done anyways. We are, in the end, still in the same boat.

To Be Absolutely Clear: The major concern is whether or not we might have to fork. That is always open to us, which is a good thing. But what if our fork doesn't get popular? We are fighting that issue now on our current platform, so again: same boat.



Alright Steemians ( and I guess Tronians now too x^D ), there you have. A rare logical look into where we stand.

If you'd like to get to know your new step-brothers & sisters, feel free to participate in the new community I just made: TRON + STEEM


Participate Here
Or just use tag: #hive-108528


Be kind, keep building, think about survival, and have fun :^)


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I think I'm hybrid of person A and person C. Nice reading through your thought. Good day ahead to you!

Haha that's not a bad combo. I think I skew that way myself :^)

Thanks for reading & thanks for the kind words!

me too kind of

Lol nice summary I think you sort of need all 3 types because each group would have their biases and might miss things, these groups are there to call one another out on their bullshit, ultimately we all want the same thing though, just getting this band of toxic misfits I enjoy interacting with to agree on anything lol thats a tough task but lets give it a shot

Absolutely agree! Each group has their individual faults, so as you said they help to keep each other in check. I think they play off each other well.

Plus the banter between them is fun to watch :^)

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Where can I learn this markdown wizardry you're doing in this post??? Also, good post :)

haha Thanks! 🔮

Pro-tip: SteemPeak has built in editor icons that you can use when first learning the syntax. Also: tables are your friend :^)


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We do some have forks already. So, a few more won't be a big deal. But I do hope for the best for Steem.

Same here buddy. If our community is as strong as I think it is, then we'll be just fine 💪

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