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Whelp, I'm hype. @roadscape was nice enough to drop in and leave some tidbits about what's coming down the pipe for Communities. Since I don't think something like this should be hidden away in my comment thread I wanted to share it with you all because I know some people were wondering where things were going from what we have now.

So first off we have per-Community layout customization. Considering the current version of Condenser has some level of customization, I figured this was coming, but it's good to have confirmation. Also, it's great to see it extended beyond what Condenser is currently offering.

Gallery Mode??? YES PLEASE!

Then beyond that there's a feature I'd heard several people talking about which is Communities being able to automatically set beneficiaries. It's basically the same thing some apps and frontends do.

Now you might see this, and think that's a bad thing. Why should you give the Community you happen to post in a piece of your rewards?

But the reality is, this is EXTREMELY powerful and democratizing.

To quote myself from another post

One of the great benefits I see in Communities is that you're no longer fighting for attention alone. Your community is your team and when people see someone else's content in a particular community that you participate in, they're more likely to see your content.

This feature takes this basic idea and extends it even further, because now you can grow your SP as a team as well. Every individual Community will be able to create a setup like busy or Esteem, where the app takes a small cut, but they upvote your post as well, in most cases making up for it. Over time these community accounts can grow and become quite powerful giving the Community more resources, to onboard more people, reward value, and basically create a positive experience.

When you combine these powerful features with SMT's...


We live in a world where a lot of times it feels like there's nothing new under the Sun, but this...this is new. The world has never seen anything like this before. I'm so excited that I know about this before the rest of the world. That I already have a couple of Communities before 99.999% of the world's population even knows what a Community on Steem is. Hell, there's a good chance YOU reading this don't really know what it is, but I suggest you learn and quickly, because this is going to be big.

Speaking of Communities, have you subscribed to Steem Think Tank? It's THE place for Steem brainstorming, idea throwing, feedback giving, and survey taking. Check it out and let us know about your bright ideas for Steem, I know you've got some.

That's all for tonight folks. See you in the next post.


Nice to see stuff happening as well as knowing stuff is happening :)

Great news!

I created a test community and so far is not really great. :(

In what way? What were you expecting that you're not seeing?

The community needs a lot of improvement to be successful, right now the interface is not very attractive.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of the new features going live this year. From what we have seen in the past 12 months to build a solid base going into the next set of plans to improve the system I'm a bit excited myself.

Wow, just wow! this is great news thanks for posting this. So the benf. is the one I've been trying to watch for awhile. So the benf. destination accounts could be set to mods and I'm assuming that its paid out in Steem/SBD ? It sounds like the function is taking a % piece from each post , posted to the community and sent to those benf. This is the big piece I was looking for and hopefully, SMTs can be part of it. At least this is what I'm betting everything on on this side.

Yup, and I assume once SMT's are live they'll be integrated tightly.

does it mean that one who posts for example from eSteem and in a community will have two cuts in earning...?

Interesting tidbits for sure. Come and join us tomorrow on Curation Corner where we'll be talking to roadscape about communities. I've posted about it on my blog today.

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