My First STEEM Post After 6 Months

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I created my STEEM account on 2017-01-10, 16:02, but a lot of things put me off. I never came to any Social Media platform for profit, only the engagement matters because who on earth wants to write long post and no one will be reading it besides you?

STEEM have many problems, but it seems now the many problems mostly solved.

STEEM Have Lousy Marketing

I want to market STEEM once, but even with my 15+ thousands followers on Twitter I can only onboard a few people. Most just left because the of the STEEM price.

When @justinsunsteemit bought @steemit from @ned I was like 'Finally a Marketing effort'.

I believe those that left aft I onboard them will be back after STEEM surpass $1.00 USD.

STEEM Community Tribalism Finally Contained

Another reason I was turned off from STEEM, the un-contained tribalism. Tags were too general and some people with large SP will downvote and flag you because your content 'don't have quality'.

Thank God, those people are gone from STEEM. The Tribe and Community finally resolve the tribal elitist issue. Especially those 'Artsy Pantsy' type, last time I heard most got bitter and end up in a few unsuccessful EOS projects.

I really accept the fact that we naturally live in hierarchy and elitism must exist, but it needs to be contained like Subreddit in Reddit at least.

Hooked on STEEM Gaming

I honestly can only shitpost and my opinion would sometimes interpreted differently than intended. So to waste less time explaining my intention and debate, I better use it playing @steemmonsters.

That's All Folks

In the long run I am not planning to Power Down and selling STEEM. I can't do much with few dollars with of STEEM in trading. So I better waste some free time using STEEM by playing games.

Btw, my Twitter account only shitpost in Malay, forgive me if I rarely talk about cryptocurrency or even tech and finance in general.


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Welcome back... glad to see you testing out the communities feature.