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Oh bro, I have a cracker for you tonight lol


Hi my old friend. Long time no speak. Hope you remember me. I just recently started getting active on Hive, as Steemit has been taken over by an absolute lunatic (Justin Sun) lately who has basically destroyed the platform. I was (and am) getting almost no traction there and thus will move my efforts here now.

I've started a very large exposé series entitled EXPOSÉ: BillGates-COVID-19-ID2020-WHO-CDC-BigPharma-Gavi-Rockefeller: Connecting the Dots and have just (literally a few minutes ago) added a reference to your wonderful Agenda 2030 Culture Wars Part One: Population Control & The Sexual Perception Deception blog post as it pertains to Rockefeller in Part 6a - The Rockefellers & The Rockefeller Foundation of my series. (this 6th segment is my largest post so far in the series, as it was actually too big to post in a single shot due to the size being too big! lol; so, I had to created parts 6a & 6b to squeeze it all in - too much dirt on the Rockefellers!)

Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more of your outstanding work, hoping you will re-connect with me so we can keep in touch.

Peace my friend. God bless!

Thank you my friend .. yes of course, I remember you and your informative posts and I look forward to sittting down and reading your latest output. I'm all in on the big posts lol because you're entirely right .. the scale of this is so vast that you could spend the rest of your life solely focusing on the Rockefellers and their myriad of connections into medicine, psychiatry, education, and every social movement on earth, and still not have a full body of work. Only once you focused your full attention on such investigation do you begin to realise the scale of it. Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to catching up with you.

Likewise my friend! Very glad to get re-acquainted :)

Haha yeah great work .. nicely done ..reminds me of Kevin Bloody Wilson's version lol Good to see the Scottish humour has survived unscathed .. Scottish blood in my family, lived up there for several years and worked with a load of Glaswegians, Hilarious! lol Thanks for the music and the laugh dude! :D

Most welcome bro. :-)