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RE: Music Monday (feel free to add your own tracks)

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I heard this a while ago and added it to faves. I like it.

Highly recommend these short docos that trace the history of UK music from reggae to dub to acid house to jungle to drum and bass to dubstep. Alot of our vinyl in there. Guarantee you'll love it if you haven't seen already


Hey my friend .. I hope you've been keeping well and settling back into life down under. :) I've not watched these documentaries before .. But this was great! Takes me right back .. Lil Louis French Kiss on the soundtrack, must have been about 89 .. first dance track I ever owned lol Thank you for sharing, I'll enjoy checking these out. :)

I knew you'd love them - they're all stellar. Such good tracks on there!!!! And really interesting to see the progression of 'that uk sound'.