Music Monday (feel free to add your own tracks)

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The aim is simple, to banish those Monday blues with an eclectic range of music chosen by Steemit friends both old and new.

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Every Monday I intend to post a music video (and a few words explaining my choice) I invite you to join me by doing same in the comments section below. As the forum (hopefully) grows my aim is that we begin to inspire our fellow Steemians to broaden their musical horizons by listening to the music that inspires us. The only thing I ask is that (where possible) every song we listen to is played nice and loudly on headphones or speakers in order that we capture its true essence.

As more Steemians join this venture there is also going to be the possibility of being rewarded for our musical tastes via the number of upvotes each song receives. That said please never feel awkward about posting a track, a guilty pleasure or even your own musical ventures. I have an extremely wide range of musical interests but also understand that music like beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. As such I may play my chosen song, but who am I to define what constitutes good music.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying a good start to the week. So it's Monday .. time to tune in, turn off the background noise and chillout! Actually, this track isn't that chilled but I'm sure you catch my drift ;) The vocalist is a good friend of mine from back in the old traveller illegal rave days, and some of the video is taken at the criminal justice march/riot that I've previously written about. Many years since our paths have crossed, but great to see him keeping the ethos and the spirit alive. I hope you enjoy!

Written by @perceptualflaws
Song: Dumb Us Down
Band: Dissident Noize Factory
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Nice song @perceptualflaws!
Feeling very this today, but optimistically.

Hey @thoughts-in--time .. Glad you enjoyed my choice .. nice to see you pop by, hope you've been keeping well, and the bitter sweet symphony works out well! :) Great track from a great album, lucky enough to catch them live a couple of times around this era and they were brilliant gigs, real energy! Thank you for the music my friend .. an inspired choice. :)

Cool:) I just realised that these clips are blocked for me on peakd:(

That's strange, works for me?

Maybe the internet police have cyber blocked blocked me and re-directed my connection into a different compartmentalised faction of the interwebs!

Yeah both steempeak and peakd block me watching videos, probably because we're both in Europe.

An internet Brave new World?

I made it early this week:P How about some old school rap? Happy Monday:)

Ha good to see you dude, Happy Monday! Great choice .. been a while since I've heard this classic track, and it's certainly not one you could ever tire of hearing .. in fact, it sounds far fresher than much of what masquerades as hip hop these days. Thank you for the music my friend .. really enjoyed this iconic blast from the past!

Congrats for the initiative!
Sharing our favorite music is a good way to expand our horizon.
I also like music that's reality oriented:

What do you think about it?
You can find more like this one in the article called:
Are you tough enough to accept our challenge?

Hey no worries .. glad you like :) Nice track .. not one I've heard before, but appreciating the sound and the message. I'll have to take a look at what else they've done. Thank you for the music and the introduction my friend ..a great selection!

I agree: getting the message across is simple, when we use music:

Thank you my friend .. great track!! I still remember when this first came out, my girlfriend of the time brought it as a Christmas present and I was blown away, such a brilliant album .. not a bad track on it and this one is no exception! Thank you for the music and the trip down memory lane .. a brilliant choice! :)

glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey @sunlit .. hope you're keeping well. I must admit Cher does not feature in my usual music taste .. but actually, this is a pretty nice track, love the guitar work in the background. :) Thank you for the music my friend, I enjoyed this one! :)

She's definitely been varied over the years, I choose this tune mostly for it's title, seems to fit the present state we are in.

I vote, your rewards go down lol. Tune my friend.

Ha yeah, I've noticed that a few times as well .. wondering if I've hot the downvote button by mistake lol Great choice this week dude .. an anthem of our times! lol Saw these guys a few years back when they did a series of gigs and they still had it .. awesome stuff and a brilliant track .. thank you for the music my friend!! :)

Your welcome bro, hope you are all well, and not letting boring Boris and his militant police force grind you down.

It will take a lot for Doris and his donkeys to grind me down, I'm nicely tucked away and thus nothing much has changed. :)

hey @perceptualflaws, cool tune and nice initiative.
only, how come you're talking about Steemians?

Cheers .. yeah good catch .. I used to run this on #steemit and must have forgotten to amend that. :)