Music Monday (feel free to add your own tracks)

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The aim is simple, to banish those Monday blues with an eclectic range of music chosen by Steemit friends both old and new.

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Every Monday I intend to post a music video (and a few words explaining my choice) I invite you to join me by doing same in the comments section below. As the forum (hopefully) grows my aim is that we begin to inspire our fellow Steemians to broaden their musical horizons by listening to the music that inspires us. The only thing I ask is that (where possible) every song we listen to is played nice and loudly on headphones or speakers in order that we capture its true essence.

As more Steemians join this venture there is also going to be the possibility of being rewarded for our musical tastes via the number of upvotes each song receives. That said please never feel awkward about posting a track, a guilty pleasure or even your own musical ventures. I have an extremely wide range of musical interests but also understand that music like beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. As such I may play my chosen song, but who am I to define what constitutes good music.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying a good start to the week. So it's Monday .. time to tune in, turn off the background noise and chillout! This week after reminiscing about some great nights out and lamenting the demise of my intended summer of music, gigs, festivals and friends, I thought I'd go for something with an uplifting vibe with hidden depths. Anyway enough about me lol .. see what you think, I hope you enjoy!

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I am taking the Polish govern-cement to court, and then coming for the UK after, I am using their courts, I am not stopping!.

Hey sorry dude, must have missed this last night ... great choice and very apt, although I'm not feeling too fine about it! lol Good shout on the Government front, there will be some kind of international law that invalidates it, but they have put layers of emergency laws (including virus specific that were added in 1984 lol) on top of it, that suspend all rights .. it's quite the quagmire. Thanks for the music my friend, great choice!!

Got to be in it to win it, and yes, I know they added layers, consulted my solicitor today and he said go for a barrister instead.

With this goofy pandemic and working from home, I have been revisiting long house tracks from a long time ago

I find them less distracting and upbeat to inspire the creativity

Hey my friend .. sorry for the late ears on this one, been a busy couple of days! I actually had (probably still have) this mix! Certainly takes me back, Sasha, John Digweed .. Oakenfold's Goa Mix .. ah those were the days, erm nights, late nights!! :D So many memories interwoven with these old mixes thank you for inspiring them and thank you for the music .. an inspired choice!!

I do love this video, have listened to this a lot and my girls know the words and I love to hear them sing along to it. xxxx
I know that I have shared this before, but it has been on my mind and makes me happy, enjoy xxxxx

Hey my friend .. goos to see you stop by, I hope you're well .. just noticed your other message so I will be over to answer that asap .. been a busy couple of days. :) Love this, so immediate and raw ..pure class! You know whatever situations us humans find ourselves in, however hard it gets .. we alway find time and a way to produce amazing music, and that for me .. is an external manifestation of the human spirit, unbreakable. Thank you for the music my friend .. a brilliant choice! X

Not to many people so alone right now, decades later what an ironic twist.

Hey @sunlit .. good to see you over on #hive .. I hope you and your family have been keeping well and that everything is as good as can be for you. Beautiful song choice this week, but yes equally an incredibly ironic twist .. I can't imagine many people back then would have guessed where we'd be right now, historical context certainly deiplays how much things have changed. Thanks for the music my friend .. an inspired choice.

Just dropping this in here for you listening pleasure:) Have a great day bro!

Nice to see you popping by dude! Great choice!! I've been listening to a studio gig these guys did fairly recently, actually may as well post it above! :D I was actually going to share one of their tracks in an upcoming #musicmonday so nicely chosen my friend .. love the laid back style on this one .. some parts remind me of Bueno Vista, thank you for the music. :)

She brings out the pervert in me, the one we all control, the choices we make, we do it daily, but you can look, it hurts nobody, Jordan Peterson covers it well, it is called controlling impulses, this of course is not about you, it is about us all,

Nice!! Love me a bit of dub fx. Great choice. Thought of you today for some reason. I love this song. I think tomorrow might be a non stop reggae day.

Anyway, a completely unrelated track, but one I was listening to on the way back from the farm shop today. For somereason we keep singing 'Holiday in Cambodia' but replacing 'Cambodia' with Somerset like the weirdos we are, then this song came up in the playlist and I must say I did enjoy it after such a long time not having heard it.

Yeah he certainly lives the life, travelling around the world creating music, working with top MC's, singers .. and doing really well at it, good on him! :) Maybe you thought of me beacuse of your track, California, Cambodia .. not a million miles from Columbia :)

Excellent choice, great track! I've been listening to a fair bit of old school hip-hop recently, so especially digging the sounds, might have to go back and dig the album out, isn't this a reworking of a Dead Kennedys track? Thank you for the music my friend .. very well chosen! :)

Yes, it's a reworking of the DK one - hence the segue from Holiday in Cambodia.

I think I thought of you because I was thinking of those lovely walks in Devon I was envious of, and there I was, walking in the British countryside, the future me, and how weird is it is it's in this situation. Plus, the music. A combination of things.

Can't beat the old school hip hop!