Music Monday (feel free to add your own tracks)

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The aim is simple, to banish those Monday blues with an eclectic range of music chosen by Steemit friends both old and new.


Music Monday

Every Monday I intend to post a music video (and a few words explaining my choice) I invite you to join me by doing the same in the comments section below. As the forum (hopefully) grows my aim is that we begin to inspire our fellow Hiveians to broaden their musical horizons by listening to the music that inspires us. The only thing I ask is that (where possible) every song we listen to is played nice and loudly on headphones or speakers in order that we capture its true essence.

As more Hiveians join this venture there is also going to be the possibility of being rewarded for our musical tastes via the number of upvotes each song receives. That said please never feel awkward about posting a track, a guilty pleasure, or even your own musical ventures. I have an extremely wide range of musical interests but also understand that music like beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. As such I may play my chosen song, but who am I to define what constitutes good music.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying a good start to the week. This week I thought I'd go for a blast from the past from an oft-forgotten band that never really received the recognition they deserved. Seeing as this song is one of my soundtracks of the dystopia .. it seems strangely apt to play it at this moment in time. I hope you enjoy! :)

Written by @perceptualflaws
Song: Ganja Daze
Artist: Kottonmouth Kings
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I have a strange one for you this week.

I don't remember the show all that much but remember loving the theme. Take you back a couple decades or more?

Haha, funnily enough, it does ring a vague bell .. although it's definitely got a bit of a Lee Majors fall guy vibe going on! Hope you're keeping well my friend .. thanks for the music and the memories :)

I like the soundtrack you picked this week, it put me into a mood to pick Nazareth's Rose In The Heather. Some instrumentals in music just sort of keeps your emotions on a even keel. My grand kids grandpa passed away last week and my son finally decided to voluntarily abandon hold of the sitting back swaying back and forth to some mellow sounds hoping everything is going to work out and be okay, grandpa was a strong support mechanism for his daughter and with my son moving (back in) in with his girlfriend...well, I guess you can surmise why this week was a good week for a slow sway of music....

Nazareth - Rose in the Heather

Sort of like being left in a essence of mystery to come...

Hey my friend .. really sorry to hear about your grand childrens/family's loss .. it's never easy when those family bedrocks pass .. it often begins a process of refinding yourself and your place amongst it all, so my heart goes out to them. Like you say, with relation to your son .. you can but hope that everything works out, but be there for him if it doesn't. Families eh? They certainly don't come with an instruction book. On the music side of things .. I've never heard this one before but it will definitely be finding a place amongst my playlist. Very relaxing and thought proking ..just what the Dr ordered :) Thanks you for the music @sunlit .. an inspired choice. :)

They certainly don't come with an instruction book.

You can say that again. lol.