Top 5 Nostalgic Songs To Shakeup the Chills| #MusicMondays

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tl;dr: trendy boi be sad now he shares his top 5 trendy songs to chillll...

When you hit the bottom of your luck and your soul is out of tune...


Which songs reminds you of an unattainable, idyllic past which has left you with a heart filled with hope?

If you are on the same vibe as me then you find a glimpse of joy in the tragic and the nostalgic. It is through these sorrowful songs that I can see myself anchored by a guild of thieves. The moments of regrets, the mistakes of the past and the time wasted...hast left me standing still in the eye of the storm.

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In a time in which my mind is poisoned by the pain of the past...I find the inspiration to carry on through existentialist thematic music. I lose my Self in the lies my Shadow tells me...below are my top 5 go to songs that save me from my self-imposed torment.


TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me

Starting off the list is "Wolf Like Me..." at a first glance the cheerful drums and energetic guitar will set your heart beating along with the happy tune. At a second-glance, like in life, we find the the deep & dark truth hidden beneath the surface:

Say, say my playmate
Won't you lay hands on me?
Mirror, my melody
Transfer my tragedy


Beach House has a very special place in my heart...because it brings me back that place I shy away from...this song makes me feel vulnerable. It reminds me of the self-imposed limitations I romanticized as being my salvation...but in reality it's another trap I set up for myself & others.

"this game I play... I do it everyday."

Of The Wand & The Moon - A Pyre of Black Sunflowers

...the things we love shall sour and turn to ghost


Kim Larsen outgrew the heavy-black metal scene to start off a more sophisticated, nuanced and even more misanthropic/darker sound. His OTWAM project is performed through the lens of paganism, existential pain and centered in the left-hand path of spirituality.

The ambiance, themes and the purposeful mystique of this band may not be for everyone. It's for the few who choose to overcome their darkness in solitude.


Neofolk/Apocalptic Folk underground music scene is typically replete with crypto-fascists masking themselves as neo-pagans. Deep down in these recesses of willing & purposeful renegades you will find truly talented & poetic music such is the case with ROME.

Rome blends the tragic past of Europa with the newfound hope of arriving at a new European identity which brings peace among brothers. My personal interpretation, ROME's unique acoustic sound with a blend of dark-wave/neo-classical undertones create a bubble in time...where a new vision for EUROPA can be borne out through their music.


Death in JUNE is one of my life-long musical companions that touches the darker aspects of my being. "If I wake from dreams shall we find the emptiness and break the silence that will stop our hearts..." Douglas Pearce, was POST-LEFT before there was a term for such a thought-crime. Songs like, "The Death of the West" illustrate the inherent nihilist in the post-modern, consumerist/materialist ideology of the WEST.

The seeming contradiction of sorrowful themes, "cheerful" ballads and allusions to cults, Charles Manson perfectly illustrates the the corrupting force of post-modern culture. Alongside this theme...are the sorrows of individuals who transgress social conventions only to find the SELF beset by a tide of self-deception.

🎵🎵🎵not only did I lose you; I lose myself too... Fear is on my pillow -- under the unlucky June the crucifix on the wall -- protects not much at all 🎵🎵🎵🎵

Which tunes do you vibe with?