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RE: Music Monday (feel free to add your own track)

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I agree: the rap has degraded and most is used to promote low values: consumerism, bling-bling, etc.
The good news is that there are artists who work to create a better world, by using music to get the message across:

What do you think about this one?


Yes great selection, really enjoyed this track ..important message, delivered with wisdom and backed by information .. excellent choice. I wrote a post about both swine flu's a few years back and the neurological damage that the 1976 vaccine gave people, was repeated by the 2011 vaccine .. in fact, there are still ongoing court cases about it .. especially in Ireland. Thank you for the music my friend .. an inspired choice. Thought you might also appreciate the track above.

Awesome track! Music is a good way to help people be aware of our current world challenge: