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21 Oktober 2011 was a warm, but cloudy day here in my hometown. The air was humid and heavy, it smelled like algae. The whole town had that fishing boat aroma.


I took this shot in the late afternoon ... while walking along the road that passes by the port and leads out of town, to the nearest city ... and beyond.


I was on the way to visit some friends that live near the sea, at the edge of town ... but I met some other friends along the way, had a few detours ... and so, when I arrived at the destination, the sun was sinking in the sea and the whole bay was in flame ... I mean the event wasn't so colorful like on this photograph, this was enhanced in Photoshop, but since the moment was enhanced in my memory as well - the shot is kind of realistic :D ... and it was taken from the balcony of my Friend's apartment.


There was a bunch of friends around the table, old friends with a long and fruitful partying history in common, we used to hang a lot together in the high school days, mostly near the sea ... it was cheaper, and anyway, we didn't like much old that disco indoor stuff ... we were some kind of bonfire gang, with a guitar or two always at hand.


Then after high school, more or less after high school, not exactly after the last high school day :) we didn't see each other for some years, a decade at least ... some have left the town, some the entire country, some had too much work, never enough time for silly things ... all the usual stuff that growing up usually brings.


I don't remember why exactly we were there, around that table in 2011 ...


... from today's prospective it looks like a nice but somehow mysterious reunion ...


... maybe was someone's birthday ... or someone just returned in town after some years of absence ... must have been something like that ...


... anyway ... we had dinner ...


... we drank some wine ...


... and since there were some children in the gang this time ...


... we ended up playing monopoly for the dessert.


I played Monopoly only a few times in my life ... never understood the nuances of the game ...


... probably I put together some lousy strategy that evening as well ...


... because I remember the kids robbing me pretty fast :D ...


... and other adults were also no match for the underage experts. After the Monopoly ...


... it was time to go home ...


... but the evening was nice ...


... the moon was floating through the clouds ... in the sea of darkness above my head ...


... so I continued walking ...


... without any clear destination in mind ...


... guided by streetlamps and the sound of my own footsteps in the night ...


... I passed by the largest supermarket in town ... the last building in town ...


... then I turned back ...


... headed to the bay ... I mean, I don't remember this walk so exactly :) just commenting the photographs I took along the way ...


... I certainly passed by some closed summer shops and restaurants ...


... and I definitely took quite a few shots in the complete dark, on the beach


... so I was able to create this spinning GIF.


After two more shots of the moon ...


... I was back home ...


... and I took a couple of selfies before falling asleep ... and that's it ... I have no more photographs to keep the memory alive, so the post has to end ... as always in these Saturday ramblings on HIVE, the photographs are my work ... and this is a post for the #saturdaymemories initiative, initiated by @olga.maslievich


It's nice to go back to the times of our youth, to meet people I haven't seen for a long time, to remember fun entertainment. You are telling the truth, over time we realize that we spend time only on what is valuable to us! Perfect picture of a burning sky!
Thank you for participating in #saturdaymemories

Monopol je sjajna igra u kojoj ja redovno gubim :D Super priča. Pozdrav!

Hehe , to je i moja definicija. Možda treba više vježbati, kad sam bio klinjo prevladavalo je čovječe ne ljuti se pa sam barem uvježbao ne ljutiti se :D Pozdrav, dobro mi uletio ovaj mali predah od engleskog.

Hej,i ja volim čoveče ne ljuti se, a ni ja se ne ljutim... kad pobedim :-)

Predah od engleskog hehe ;)

:)) ¡Qué sorpresa lingüística! :D

Hahaha sí, sorpresa..., but there is one more surprise, my native language is neither of these three... But we speak those four mixing up everything, kao da bih sad jednostavno nastavila ne na -español - , hanem magyarul. So simple to get confused 🤣

:O hehee Hihetetlen ... de igaz :D Vjerujem u nevjerici. I like this mixed talk, pretty funny ... ... e informativo también.

Tako je... that's how mi mente dolgozik



Hahahaha, jeste olakšanje za promenu :D Šta znam, još u srednjoj školi sam ga mnogo igrala, ali ne pamtim da sam pobedila, a ne pobedjujem ni sada, tako da sam digla ruke:D Čoveče ne ljuti se... čoveče to je bilo tako davno da se ni ne sećam da li sam se ljutila😀 Ali gledam moje klince, baš je korisna igra za naučiti gubiti :D


I respect campfire outings with a guitar, in this we are one)


The selfies were before you fell asleep, look at your eyes ha, ha, ha, it seems that it did not take long to fall asleep, I liked many parts of the post and this photograph as they say takes it out of the stadium, I explain, it is the best of the best .

Happy saturday

:) Have a great Saturday

We also have monopoly. I really love to play monopoly. My sister don't really like to play it. It toke a long time just to finish it. I played it long ago it toke me more then 3 hours.

Yes :) it can be a pretty long game.

intresting post!
I love your creative work with color in this poor lighting condition environment.
btw - we have Monopoly too (I obtained it thinking my baby's development would benefit from playing it) -- but we played it only once, no more. pretty sadly!
I planned to lure her more into it then, by making a customized version of Monopoly (based on Fallout post-apocalyptic motives) but it never worked, never was able to do it solely without her support. ehehe. a great game that we dont play, a great join venture time-spending....
cheers! and a red !WINE to you -- might go well with the Saturday memories!

Thanks, with a bit of Photoshop even those low quality night shots could be fairly interesting. Post-apocalyptic monopoly sounds great to me :) building an economic empire on ruins and rubble, sell and buy iguana - on - stick restaurants and Brahmin farms would be great. If you ever finish it, I will buy a copy :)

sell and buy iguana - on - stick restaurants and Brahmin farms

;) I knew, I knew I was talking to experienced wasteland traveller :P