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At the end of summer, in the year 2015 ...

DSC09118 malo.jpg

... some old tube, part of the installation that carries the water all around my house broke in a very inconvenient spot ...

DSC09106 malo.jpg

... that first had to be detected ...

DSC09112 malo.jpg

... and then ...

DSC09117 malo.jpg

... some destruction had to be done ... and that destruction ...

DSC09119 malo.jpg

... was the funny part of the work :D A bit of chaos around the house is kind of liberating ... in controlled doses.

DSC09107 malo.jpg

I did a bit of digging on that occasion ...

DSC09109 malo.jpg

... and I did a bit of digging through old folders yesterday, when I found these shots made by a helping friend ...

DSC09111 malo.jpg

... shots that bring back the old days and broken tubes. The photographs that follow ...

DSC08825 malo.jpg

... were taken in the same period by another friend ...

DSC08829 malo.jpg

... here you can see me ... again ....

DSC08827 malo.jpg

... and my dog friend Bepina ...

DSC08828 malo.jpg

... at the table ...

DSC08833 malo.jpg

... while feeding after the work ... enjoying the beans directly from the frying pan - Bud Spencer & Terence Hill style.

DSC09171 malo.jpg

This final section of the post ...

DSC09172 malo.jpg

... is reserved for a bunch of boring shots ...

DSC09170 malo.jpg

... taken by me personally ...

DSC09173 malo.jpg

... just some generic tubes ...

DSC09174 samo MALO.jpg

... holes ...

DSC09169 malo.jpg

... boring stuff like that ...

This is a post for the - for the #saturdaymemories initiative, initiated by @olga.maslievich


That looks like a dusty job...not good to breathe that in. However, Bepina was adorable. More photos of Bepina :)

:) There is a rich Bepina archive, fortunately.


It's so interesting - your own experience of repairing your home. It's probably really nice to remember how you created something with your own hands!
This dog on your table is so cute! And I have a cat on the table)))
Thank you for participating in #saturdaymemories :)


a nice post I missed while it was active - let me share a !BEER as a consolation :)

who took the pics, if I may ask? they are very expressive!

Cheers :) I'm not sure that they all were taken by the same person. Friends were coming and going, helping a bit, having a drink or two, there are four friends I think which would take a shot, sometimes on my request sometimes on their own initiative.

ok! some of the (outdoors) pics are gorgeous. especially I loved the one, where I have an impression you try to create a hole in the wall with the help of your head :P


Wow! This could be your sideline career!! LoL
I would never know how to handle this kind of problems!!

:D It was a funny action, not very professional nor elegant, with plenty of improvisation and some mistakes ... but at the end it was repaired.

Seeing the dog on the table while you eat from the pan, not on a plate, I remember my mother, she said to me, get that dog off the table, from the furniture, from the bed ha, ha, ha, and when she saw me take out the jug of juice from the fridge and drink it directly from it, she said to me, when you go to change, you are a very disorganized man, mothers are adorable.


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