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I got an e- mail a few days ago ... from an old, slightly forgotten friend ...

gone bananas gone.jpg

... just a few words, a smile and this ancient party snapshot ... made with some simple analog camera. I don't know the exact year ... some year in the mid 90' probably. I'm the one with the bananas.
Before seeing this shot, I was convinced that my habit to put stuff on the top of the head when in front of the camera, started with my Facebook persona, in the era of leg shots and selfies ... when I took similar pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror almost daily ... my head has endured a lot of stuff during those Facebook years ...

DSC03458 CB malo.jpg

... some glass bowl in 2009 ...

DSC06433 malo.jpg

... the laurel wreath in 2011 ...

DSC02242 malo.jpg

... a red bra that same year ...

DSC09307 malo.jpg

... a solid stainless steel pot in 2014 ...

IMG_3217 malo.jpg

... and some old blue jeans 10 minutes ago ... while thinking about how to end this post ... a snap of very recent history seamed like a cool idea ... back then ... 12 minutes ago ... right now, I don't know ... maybe ... anyway, the post ends here - THE END.

The first photograph isn't my work, I don't know who took it ... nor in which occasion exactly ... but as always here on HIVE, all the other shots are my selfie work.


ahHh bananas hajako good old photo party at my house. Pizza party of 7 types of eyes, stuffed sarma and lots and lots of drinks and even more people about fifty of them 40 friends great days .

About 1996-1997, that's what I got

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Very funny and nice photos of the hour old days!! What fun you did have! But your head might be complaining as it wanted a jewel crown or a golden crown!
Something extraordinary for the lofty head!



Oh, my friend @borjan, you are very creative. Haha, I think you have fond memories of the owner of the red bra! And who did you imagine yourself to be, in the pan on your head. Maybe a commander?
Thank you for supporting my initiative #saturdaymemories!