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It's a silent memory. The small bird wasn't singing, just resting on the coastal rocks ...

DSC07655 malo.jpg

... I remember it exactly like that, and it's quite possible that it was exactly like that ...

DSC06336 malo.jpg

... flowers were sprouting before my feet ...

DSC06333 malo.jpg

... and this is very probably :) my subjective distortion of the facts ... but I can really see them sprouting now ...

DSC05473 malo.jpg

... the year was 2015 ... when I see these photographs, it seems that was always sunny in 2015.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work ... and this is a post for the #saturdaymemories initiative, initiated by @olga.maslievich


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... the year was 2015 ... when I see these photographs, it seems that was always sunny in 2015.

it is impossible 😻.
but our brain's ability to idealize the past is interesting.
or the ability to remember in your own way, not necessarily true.
because it means that TODAY - we will also remember differently 💚

Absolutely :) today will be tomorrow a considerably different story. And will probably change further through time and occasions ... which, while complicating some rational work on the past, definitely enriches the entire experience of being alive.

I felt at peace after watching these pictures.

I'm glad to read your photographic memories again, friend @borjan. I sat down with coffee, took my smartphone, feeling the pleasure of reading your memories. This bird, it is wonderful on sunlit stones! I feel the warmth of this earth under my feet ... I would read longer!
Thank you for participation in the initiative #saturdaymemories

Thanks :) Although I like the winter and especially the beauty of ice, snow and frosty stuff, I adore the carelessness of summer, no need to worry about fire, warm clothes, you can comfortably spend the night everywhere ... :) and I just mentioned you in the post as always, I was in the hurry before, so I forgot it.

Wow! You have lovely memory of nature and wild things!! So nice! I can’t remember this far back!! 😂😂😂

:D Photographs help me a lot to remember.