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It was a sunny day in the month of May ...

P1900878 malo.jpg

... of some undefined year of the decade that recently ended ... according to some ... or will end soon according to others ...

P1900843 malo.jpg

... although from my perspective it feels like last week.

P1900864 malo.jpg

I was there to help a friend ...

P1900859 malo.jpg

... plant some potatoes ...


... but in between agricultural tasks and interventions ...

P1900868 malo.jpg

... I went in search for moments and scenes through my camera ...

P1900854 malo.jpg

... to preserve them on photograph ...

P1900874 malo.jpg

... dipped in the beautiful, warm light of that distant morning ...

P1900883 malo.jpg

... exaggerated a bit by the positive emotions entangled with the visuals of the memory ...


... and my inspired use of Photoshop :D of course.

P1900839 malo.jpg

The photographic highlight for me was when my friend Emil, the star of this entire post ...

P1900837 malo.jpg

... started to draw this white line to separate the field in two halves ... that will be planted with two types of potatoes ... the yellow, mostly round ones ... and some red, mostly elongated type.

P1900844 malo.jpg

The scene looked kind of iconic ... to me at least.

P1900875 malo.jpg

Although my memory is mostly pretty colorful ...


... it gets monochrome at times ...

P1900855 malo.jpg

... making the recent past look like a very different world ... like something that couldn't have happened to me ...

P1900877 malo.jpg

... an ordinary inhabitant of the ordinary colored present.

P1900852 malo.jpg

As always in these ramblings through memory, here on HIVE - the photographs are my work.


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Thank you

Very nice memories captured by camera! The good old days’ kind of atmosphere! Making me very nostalgic of the past!

Working in nature often leaves pleasant memories in our memory. Communication with a friend is described very creatively. Thank you for participating in #saturdaymemories :)