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It was a cloudy day in the winter of 2015 ... 23. February 2015, exactely ...


... the day was gray ... the train was colorful ... a friend just came from somewhere in Slovenia, and I was there to provide the transport for the ending part of the trip, ten kilometers from Pula to our hometown.


Another friend was also there ... she wanted to be in the picture with that colorful train, so this shot was taken. Several years after ...


... I'm on the railway station again ... and I don't remember what for this time. According to the info section of the JPEG file,10. May 2020 is the exact date. Although it looks pretty dynamic and kind of in a hurry when seen from this low angle, the black locomotive on the photograph isn't driving anywhere. This old machine it's an iconic decoration now.


The locomotive is black, but the springtime day on these 2020 photographs was slightly more colorful in general.


The sky was overcast with brighter clouds ...


... and the vegetation was mostly fresh & green.


A tall man was walking his big dog ...


... the rails and the platforms were empty ...


... the mysterious black locomotive was going nowhere ... a perfect Twilight Zone atmosphere.
This city and the entire peninsula have some really bad, rare and annoying railroad connections with the rest of the country and the European continent.


This is a look at the old Riviera Grand hotel, built in 1909 near the station ... in the era when the railroad traffic in this area was considerably more exciting.


And that's it ... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work ... and as always on Saturday when memories are involved, this is a post for the #saturdaymemories initiative, initiated by @olga.maslievich


Great graffiti. The first time I see such a beautiful train. Thanks for the wonderful walk.

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when then that train will pass through Učka as it looks like in my post is hehehe ;))

Hehehehe u tunelu usred mraka zvizdi pizda petokraka :D

Hehehe da jušto ;;
.... koliko je jod Učke do mora !!!
.. toliko je jod mora do Učke .. osandan uoojjjjjaniinananeenaaaa

Heheheheh tako se kanta, krišto dio hihihihi

Nice graffiti on the modern train. You have an amazing memory (2015), I can't even remember what I ate yesterday for breakfast yesterday.

Hehehehe the photographs are holding the memory, the dates are written in the file info, so I can reconstruct relatively accurately some distant days ... my memory before that digital stuff is more like a dream - stuff happened but when and how exactly, and in which order ... who knows :D

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Oh! The weather looks a bit disappointing! Don’t line you have a railway near your town. I like trains a lot! They are very friendly transport. LoL

The old building looks very handsome.
You are a very kind chauffeur!! 😂😂

:D I like trains too ... my favorite not flying transport. Not a big fan of Autobus travel.

So nice to see a little bit of your world through pictures and a story to go with. I think that we take so many pictures and so few of them see light of the digital world. It's nice to be able to use them like this :)

True. I never felt motivated to use pictures and tell stories and impression in everyday life before ... I used to write only occasional short rants and jokes on Facebook, but most of the photographs were laying stored in the computer and forgotten. Only now, with this blogging I enjoy the writing and showing the photographs and feel rewarded and motivated, it has become a healthy addiction that makes me very active, always in search for something interesting in ordinary day-to-day life.

Yeah, I agree. I think this kind of blogging makes you conscious of what you can write about too! We see, hear and feel so many things in a day and it's nice to put all of that in words and use the pictures we take. All pictures tell a story - we took them for a reason. I also find it addictive to go through all of these photos and decide on which story to tell! There's so many of them!

Wow, my friend @borjan! I really like colorful graffiti, which fills our souls with colors in the gray season. This train in Pula is very nice :) Thank you for participating in #SaturdayMemories :)

Thanks :) always glad to be active on Saturday here in the community.