Pain... Titans lose to the Ravens in the Wildcard Round

in Titans Football Fans7 months ago

Well that game sucked. I was nervous for the team going into the game because the defense has been playing pretty terrible. I had faith in the offense. Well it turns out the defense actually kind of showed up and the offense didn't. Pretty terrible luck huh?

Not much to say except that Lamar had an explosive play or two and that pretty much decided the game.

Derrick Henry could not get going really which was super depressing.

This was definitely a disappointing ending to a really good and fun season.

I could go in depth about little things throughout the game, but the bottom line is the team lost and really they just weren't good enough.

It's a shame there have been so many injuries on the team, but that's a problem for all the teams out there at this point. Every season.

The Titans need more talent and that's just what it is. DEFENSE this team desperately needs defense. Defense and o-line help.

Not much else to say, these posts suck to make. But life goes on.

I will likely make an appreciative post about the decent season the Titans did have and the elite performances that the team did have like having a 2,000 yard rusher and a 1,000 yard receiver and other things that I'll mention later.

Blah. Always next year.




Sorry for ya dude. But I do have to say, other than the Steelers games, these were good fun wild card games. Looking forward to next round.

Yes I'm glad the Titans stayed competitive despite the loss! I'm looking forward to it as well. I'm curious to see how the Browns compete with the Chiefs!