Final Thoughts on the Titans 2020-21 Season. It was a fun year!

Despite the early exit by the Titans in the playoffs, with a loss to a rival team, it was still a successful and fun season to watch Titans football! I am for sure grateful.

The 9-7 curse was broken by two games for the Titans to earn a very respectable 11-5 record. The Titans scored a lot of points. The Titans have a quarterback that honestly I really believe in, in Ryan Tannehill. Derrick Henry showed that he may be the best back in the game.

Despite the sour taste left in my mouth after the playoff loss, I remember all too well how miserable it was to watch five total wins through two seasons just a couple years ago. The Titans more than doubled that total just this year alone. I'm sure Jets and Jags fans wish they had an early playoff exit over their own season.

I still think there is more success to come in the next couple of seasons. The only thing that I worry about is if players are still motivated and all that, I suppose that is something every team and fanbase worries about though. If this team remains motivated, then there is plenty of hope for the future. Plenty. The team has a good three headed monster in Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry, and A.J. Brown. That's a trio that is good to have on the roster.

Now it's really just a matter of GM Jon Robinson and Coach Vrabel to really try to continue building this team the best they can. So far I have a lot of faith in those two.

I really believe with a good supporting cast this team can still get better. The defense really needs help desperately. I hope they can find the best personnel possible.

I may try to start looking ahead at prospects and make some posts about them.

But anyway, an 11-5 season and a Division Championship is nothing to be angry about. The Titans are a good team that's going nowhere.

Looking forward to next year! #Titanup!!!!!!