Hive Statistics – 2020.06.22

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Welcome to the daily analytical report about the Hive blockchain.

All the information presented in this report is based on the data collected from the blockchain until 2020-06-22 midnight UTC time. The goal of this report is to provide you with a clear view of what is happening on the Hive blockchain.

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1. New users

This chart shows the number of newly registered users on the blockchain and how many of them became active.

Warning: the chart is kind of dynamic! A user can register one day and become active a few days later. Therefore, the number of active users on a specific date may change from day to day.

This graph shows who created new accounts during the last day.

In this graph, the orange line shows the total number of registered accounts.
The green line shows how many of them have been active at least once (active meaning publishing a post, commenting or voting). They are included even if they become inactive later.

2. Active users

These graphs show the activity of users over time and in more detail for the last 30 days. In these graphs, active users are users performing any type of transaction on the blockchain.
The last graph is a monthly summary of the active users. Be careful when interpreting the value of the last column which can be much lower if the end of the month has not yet been reached.

3. Posts And comments

These graphs show the evolution of posts and comments for the whole blockchain lifetime and for the last 30 days.

This graph shows which applications are most used to publish posts and comments. Please note that the same user can use several different applications.

4. Curation

These graphs show the evolution of curation (upvotes) for the whole blockchain lifetime and for the last 30 days.

5. Daily transactions

This graph shows the number of daily transactions. This gives you an idea of the whole activity on the blockchain.

This graph shows the distribution of the top 15 types of transactions by number of operations performed on the blockchain.

6. Communities and Tags

This graph shows the communities with the most subscribers.

This graph shows the most active communities by published posts.

This graph shows the most active communities by published posts last day.

This graph shows which main tags have been the most used for publishing posts for the whole blockchain lifetime.

This graph shows the tags that have been the most used for publishing posts last day.

7. Distribution

This graph shows the number of users according to their Hive Power.
The grey portion of each column indicates how many accounts are inactive (those who have not posted, commented or voted for 30 days).

This graph shows the distribution of Hive Power cumulated per account level.
The grey portion of each column indicates unused Hive Power by inactive accounts (see above for the definition of inactive).
Below each column you will also see a ratio to all existing Hive Power.

8. Payouts

These graphs show the maximum reward paid on a post (or comment) for each day (whole blockchain life and last 30 days).

These graphs show the total of the distributed payout (posts and comments) for each day.

These graphs show the average and median payout per post for the last 30 days.

I hope you find those stats useful. If you would like to see different stats, feel free to drop me a comment. Your feedback is more than welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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Detailed and easy to understand information. Do you think that the next 2 years we will be on a high-level platform, that is, with more updates, an internal chat, like the one with Facebook?


Thank you @aderney.
Unfortunately, I'm not an oracle and can't predict what will happens within the next 2 years.
Many updates are on the roadmap. Many developers are joining Hive and providing new services.
And I know internal chat is a very expected feature.

Yes, I see that this would be a special bonus that will make the platform more attractive and we will not have to go to discord to be in meeting rooms. The longer we are on the platform the more value it will have.

If the future is promising, if things are given and developed in favor of the Hive ecosystem, where everyone can win and improve in every way.