Season has ended again, and I got a New Rookie Splinter to Lead a Battle!

in Splinterlands2 months ago


Yeah, it sucks; because I don't have enough cards this is the max I could go.


It isn't super stars; but I am happy that I got a Nectar Queen and Octopider for me to upgrade my cards. I still haven't got a full use of the Barking Spider and Flame Money just yet, but I think there could be a chance to use it in the future.


That being said, I managed to gather 4 QID YUFF last week from my HIVE rewards last week when I was trying to figure out how to gain higher points.


Before the season ended I really wanted to try to get into level 1 so that at least I can get a lot more reward cards; then something came up in the real world and by the time I am back, the season has ended. haha. This will give me more time to gather cards together and be ready to boot to Silver 1.

That being said...


And today I managed to test the rookie leader to lead the team on a limited Mana total plus enhanced armour handicap in the battle.

I am happy enough to say that the rookie leader didn't disappoint me. Maybe I'll get this guy up to level 3 when I gathered enough rewards here to enhance the rest of the leveled up cards, especially the gold cards I won from rewards before.

if you would like to see the battle from the rookie splinter leading the limited army, press here

Overall, am I satisfied with completing quests and get rewards?


At least I am in Silver III now than Bronze I and got myself 2 cards into the mix for leveling up.


My Ettin Spearman is already at level 4, not to mention I have 3 other gold cards from the fire team, that gives me more reason to level up at least one fire Splinter close to that sooner in the future.

That's all for today from my side. I might attempt to spend another 5 HIVE today to shop for some Credits to get some cards; but I am wondering...

Is there a way to change credits tokens to DEC or DEC to credits?

I don't want to waste any dust tokens that is not in use.

Until Then


Stay safe, stay healthy, stay hygine


At least you got your new card to win a battle! 🙌

Well, that's the consolation part.

Very nice breakdown of your experiences last season. I'm very interested to read about your experiences with the new leaderboards.

So far I don't quite get the leaderboards and how they move from league to league just yet. However, even with low league some who could afford, actually got some really powerful cards and pretty much win a lot of battles, and some of them actually stayed back in the league but never advance.

Ah well, crypto earned, crypto spent.

It's good you are making money to make money; manually. 😏

Yeah, that's the troublesome part. Manually. haha. I have to battle in order to earn.

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