Splinterlands Battle Recap with DEC Giveaway

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Hello I know I am late. But the fun thing that I am going to do tonight is to show you a tournament battle. That I did okay in but won't place high when it ends. Still, it will show you a breakdown of a low-level battle. I wanted to mix this in for the newer players and will try to do it more going forward. You can still win 1000 DEC for giving me some feedback. Your comment has to be about the battle or the game or you will be in the drawing for the reward. Most of the time you all make a good comment but don't forget if you win and only say thanks because then you can't win the next one.


20200706 22_07_04Window.png

That is the Tournament that I entered. You see I am in 2nd place at 10 and 3 and unless those guys under me lose a lot more they will all pass me. I still like to enter these to learn about the low-level game. It is hard to win sometimes when the guys don't have the skills you are used to at high-level. Here is the link if you want to watch the battle. Now to go over the rules for this fight. It is a novice league so all level 1 guys. No legendary in the rule of the tournament and the match with no healing. That is funny because it is pretty much standard as no level 1 guys have healing abilities yet. We get 32 mana and only really death or fire unless you want the one armor the dragon summoner would give you. So what team did I go? Fire and I did it because of this guy.

To me, Living lava is one of the best cards in the Untamed set for the novice because of the lack of good mages and his shield ability. A lot of attackers can't even hurt him or only do 1 damage so he takes a lot of hits to kill. Also, a lot of other tanks are slow so he doesn't miss much. The only time I don't light this team is if mana is very high then I go earth for the good 8 cost cards they have. I did do a few adjustments to my team expecting death on the other side.

20200706 22_08_41Window.png

I did get death and the reason I figured that is because if you look at the normal team match up then you know that one less range attack seems good as the Fireteam has a lot of good ranged attackers. But I set up my team with double tanks with ranged guys but the best opportunity monster to really do the damage. I knew that Death didn't have the firepower to really kill the Living Lava fast and I ended up correct.

20200706 22_09_24Window.png

Round 2 and I am way ahead it seems my speed let me til his sneak guy right away and land all my attacks in the round. The splash damage and a sniper hit set it up so I can now kill his last ranged guy this turn and hit his mage for one while having my second tank in waiting if he was to get past my Lava.

20200706 22_10_03Window.png

It is round 3 and this fight is really over. I will kill his mage with my first attack then his tank right after that and the scorpion can't even hurt my tank. It was amazing to watch my SERPENTINE SPY just beat up his team.

20200706 22_11_45Window.png

Round 4 will be the end of the fight. Not much to say here other than we are going to pick on that last guy and for an all level 1 match my team was a lot better than his. I am not sure why he didn't use some other cars but still was happy to take a good win and move on.

20200706 22_12_01Window.png


I hope that if you checked this out you enjoyed watching me win. I am open to some ideas to make this better. Would you like to see me lose some fights also? Let me know if you want the DEC on Hive or Steem as I will be taking entries on both. I will do the pull for the next post in a week. I will use a random name picker. Take care all. Oh and start playing if you're not sign up here I know this one was a short but still think it was good after that last long one.

Now for who won the 1000 DEC from the last post. I know I was a few days late sorry. Hive Link and Steem Link

20200706 21_35_27Window.png

Congrats to @cryptictruth enjoy the DEC

20200706 21_39_45Window.png

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I love the living lava as a tank and hate to go against it. I often feel relaxed when I'm up against him using a water splinter. Spirit miner and ruler both take him down pretty fast.
The living lava is more useful in the reverse speed ruleset. Fire definitely has good cards for that ruleset.

@tipu curate
Nice play

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Very useful tips and regarding the edition with only 1 level cards, the fire team is really too powerful. Thank you!

I see you omit to say that the tournament is only for untamed cards, and they indeed have neither healer nor tank healer at level one.

One: If you had your opponent with fire team, you would see why I think this is important. If your team was faced with fire team, then it would be game of luck which Spy makes kill first. Avoiding it is through either putting one HP monster in front of Spy, or rely on opponent choosing fire team while you use dragon team with fire splinter. Having your Spy kill opponent Spy is usually game winning.

Two: Due to my long time playing low level teams, I am finding putting Elven Defender at 1st place more efficient. I think that such a battle without healing needs to save main tank for the latter phase of the battle. I need to repeat what you pointed out that this higher mana cap battle requires use of two tanks.



Living Lava is also my first choice for the first position when using the fire splinter, but in this battle the serpentine spy cleans up the back row. He's actually the star of the battles, isn't he?

Yes he was the one that killed the other but he was protected by the Lava.

I agree with your strategy. I find using characters with shield to be especially effective at the novice league, and living lava is a prime example of that.

good stuff my brotha

I think, I will 🌟 using your strategy now because I am really a novice in splinter lands.
I don't have much to say because am novice

Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

I like living lava too best card in fire collection. cheers 🙂