Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge with Flesh Golem

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It's Golem time. Man the Flesh Golem is such an old school powerful card. This guy was one reason I loved the earth team. I also wish I wasn't so cheap but I was a minnow when I got into the game so I didn't buy enough to level him much. Still, he is still super strong and I go over why and then show how if you don't have a counter for the healing power of Earth when you face them you are in trouble. Let me know how you beat Earth. Do you think you could have beat the teams I set up? Thanks for checking out my post. You can also follow me and watch my videos on YouTube, Libary, D.tube, Uptrennd, Publish0x, SoMee and 3speak I am starting to make more content.

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That was pretty good right. Earth is strong and I won those games pretty easily. Healing in general is strong this guy was a king when only Earth had good healing cards. Now there are ways to stop him from winning. But you have to be ready to counter heals. It is the last day to post I am a bit late but check out the Challenge Post

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Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

yes I agree with and cool battle. well done.

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