Splinterlands Dice Card Review Life Team and 1000 DEC Giveaway

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Hope you are all doing well. I am a little late with the post this week sorry about that. This week I am going over the Life team and I am going to include the first airdrop card. To win the 1000 DEC make sure your comment is about the game or the post. I don't want simple hellos. I am hoping to see some feedback if I happen to forget something the cards is good far.


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Lorna Shine is sneak good IMO. This summoner gives all your cards a divine shield. It might not always seem that good but I have run into this summoner on the battlefield and it has destroyed me. I feel like it works pretty well in games where you think you might see a lot of melee guys. It also can show up in low mana matches as having a divine shield can make a big difference in a match with only a few cards. The life team already has armor so in a no mages match she makes it so all of them get 2 free hits or even 3 before you are hunting them. I really like this card and want to level it up so I can see when it works best.


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Lunakari Mistress is a nice addition to the life team. In general, they don't have the best mages. The last few sets have helped them out a lot and Dice did the same thing. A 6 cost card that does 4 Magic damage alone is nice. Then you talk about doing double damage if you run into the Lord A or the Cube or anyone with no attack. There there is the new ability Cripple. Well this to me looks like a counter to healing teams and Scavenge mobs. By lowering their overall health you make heals not work as well or stop a mob from getting up to maybe e15 or 16 health. Oh and she starts with 6 health points so won't be dying too fast from magic reflect. That is the one weakness I see. Magic reflect is used a lot so you need to get to 7 health so you don't die till your 4th attack. Most guys won't survive getting hit 3 times so that gives you a chance of living longer than that tank bouncing back damage at you. All I can say is look out for the life magic teams with divine shields it is out there.


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Lensmaster is the first Airdrop from the Dice Set. They will all be 1 cost like him and legendary. I had only bought 60 packs and I didn't get lucky so he isn't in my collection yet. I like the card as a good last mana add. Blind is okay, maybe you think it is better than me as I just don't see the misses show up that much. I get they can't always miss that would be too powerful but too many times I have seen no misses. Shatter on 3 speed is okay. I am not sure the mob will still have armor but if they do he will remove it. Low mana matches are always hard so having low-cost cards can be nice. If you can get 6 cards on the board in a 13 mana match you might just win. For a legendary card, I would have liked to see him get to two attacks. Shield tanks are going to laugh at him a lot but maybe that would have been too strong. Maybe life will get away to buff ranged at some time but for now, he is a nice add-in for blind and shatter and cool for a Selena life team-up.


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Kralus is the big 12 cost Legendary card. This card is another reason I said to look out for that life magic team. Self-heal and immunity is really good when you have 13 base health. Oh and add in that 5 armor and then add strengthen and flying and you have a card that just won't die. The overall 4 attack is al little low for a big cost card. Yet with it being half magic and half melee you can buff it with a few different cards. Yet it can also be weakened by a few. So you will need to back up this tank with the damage dealers to make a strong team. I would love to see this card in battle and know that soon enough when more people invest in these cards and we get some of the new battle modes these big Legendary cards will combo some pretty strong teams. I need to pull the trigger and get them all to level 3 and maybe a few to level 4.
Okay so what did I miss? Or what would you like to add? If you took the time you read this thanks.

I do have a winner to send some DEC to from the last post. I got a lot more entries this week so that was cool to see.

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Congrats to @felipejoys also great post you wrote up about the card last week.
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Wow nice review of all the Life Dice cards, will be sure to check them out an buy some for myself, they can be a real game changer.

Yes I need to buy them because people are not ready for them. When I run into them I am like wow didn't see that coming and I lose.

Very nice explanation of cards I love to fight with life especially taking Dragon summoner, I GUess Lunakari Monster is given for as an alternative to earlier epic card defender of Truth.
What u think is better?

I think it is just another good mage for the team. So that they can play in no ranged games still. It also is a counter for Lord A and the Cube which is needed from some rules sets.

The DICE cards are awesome. I managed to score myself a Kralus a couple of weeks ago. Definitely an amazing card to add to the deck (especially the life splinter)! Cheers

Thanks, buddy you are right. I need these Legendary cards.

Great review!
Ya know... I do like Lorna. I definitely feel like in lower mana matches, when every monster counts, having Divine Shield is a game changer.

And I also agree with you on Blind... for now... But I suppose I may have just not seen it in action much yet.

Thanks for sharing awesome content and holding contests!

Thanks for the support.

Thanks for your review of lorna shine. I never used her, but i think you are right and i will give her a try in low Mana battles.

I don't know if I'm the only one who feels like this but these days the legendary cards are not overpowered as the older ones. The earlier ones created a polarised effect in the deck. Just think of lord arianthus with void, shield, magic reflect and thrones. It just made it hard to kill.
Or for that matter even think of ruler of seas. A magic reflect, silence and inspire just made him so powerful.
I remember using the ruler of seas I'm back to back matches to climb the league's during the season end.
Now if we compare them with lensmaster and the new to be launched 1 mana legendaries. I don't them these legendaries can make you win single handedly unlike older ones.

Great explanation. Kralus is what I want soon. The combination of magic and melee attack satisfies a life team.

As a splinterlands beginner I always appreciate explainatory posts about the game. Quite a bunch to learn even if the game mechanics are rather simple :)

Thaks for share a bit of your game experience with us. :)

Yay! Thanks!

Blind adds 20% miss chance. Miss chance adds up. If you use high speed monsters in a no-magic rule set, lensmaster is very good. Combine it with, say, Warrior of Peace. He's just kind of bad outside this specific scenario.

Nice Descriptive Post of some of the NEW DICE Cards @stever82 I did a little Shopping This Morning and Spent some Credits to Level Up some of my Not Summomers. Hopefully My Teams will Be Even Stronger. Here is Good Luck to Everyone Commenting and Getting a CHANCE to Win 1000 DEC.

Congrats to @felipejoys for the win! yeahh!
I think Dice summoners are really strong and cheap to buy right now at around $0.30 - $0.40 each
Grab some before their price spikes!

Also, thanks for the giveaway <3

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