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Time for another review of the DICE cards. Once again you can win 1000 DEC but your comment has to give me some ideas of what I said that is write or wrong. Or be somewhat about the game and supporting the game. I am not giving rewards to anyone that hates. Honest feedback is fine but no need to be hostile with me. Last week only 2 people entered so that was a good chance to win the 1000 DEC. I wonder how many will enter this time? I am going to go over the Fire Team Cards today. The Fire team is really strong right now do to Yodin so let's see if these guys help that.

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Qid Yuff is the new summoner. A quick note to the @splinterlands team there is a bug on his page he doesn't change to level 8 when you click on it. Doesn't matter much for a summoner as he doesn't get new abilities but something to note. Qid Yuff gives your guys piercing. I am not sure how often you will see him. For sure any Armored up or magic armor or maybe no healing matches he could be playable as you run into a lot of armor or repair. The weakness I see in him is some of the fire guys have a lower attack expecting that boost from Malric. I mean if you only attack for 2 piercing doesn't matter that much. You can combo him with ranged monsters but then unless it is low mana you are better off with Yodin. I am just not as sure I see this guy as an every game summoner. I feel mostly he will show up in those matches I said above. Do any of you see more power in this? It might become stronger in guild wars if there is always and armor match.


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Flamesmith is a great card. For sure he is meant to powerup that Yodin lineup. He will have 5 splash ranged damage. It will have to be a really high mana match but add in he has repair and shatter and all around this is a fun card. Also once he is level 8 he is playable in the top matches. The only really drawl back about this card is that it takes a lot of commons to get him there. He also is good for any armor match. As he will repair your side and bust any big armor. He is a little slow but not as bad as some other shatter guys. For me, this is one I will be buying in handfuls if it is cheap. While writing I just went and grabbed one for 3 cents and now most are 4 cents that is a okay price for a common but I think it should be more.


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Caladuum is a beast of a card. He is a great addition to the team. They are short on mages. They could use another big card that isn't melee. He has 2 of the new abilities and then thorns and void. That means that mages get around his armor but do half damage and melee guys have to hit armor and take damage. He will always have that high hp thanks to immunity and never have any other bad effects. On and if you are playing a team of healers then cripple and make is they can't heal guys all the way back up. The only little issue is the card is slow. It isn't a bit issue as magic can't miss. Also, it is a little nice as his thorns will weaken the guy before he attacks. Yes if he is tanking but he can do that. The speed also makes him cool for reverse speed that fire has an issue with that mode they are just all so fast. This guy is going to be hard to kill. I mean you can't stop him from getting healed and has 11 life with void and armor. I need to get this guy for sure.


Okay so what did I miss? Or what would you like to add? Make sure you leave a comment about the post so you can win. I like the 2 monsters a lot but the summoner not so much.

I do have a winner to send some DEC to from the last post. I am surprised I only get a few entries but here is who won. I hope next time more than two people make a good comment.

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Congrats to @marianaemilia hope it helps you buy something.

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Thank you for the good write up about the new Fire Dice Cards.
I agree that the Summoner doesn't bring anymore value to the table compared to standard Malric. I probably will skip him since it takes so many cards for Rare to max.
I really like Caladuum he seems pretty strong against all kinds of attacks and he is also an un-even Manacap card so pretty good fit for any strong fire Team.

Nice review about those cards. I like the Fire Dice Summoner

Flamesmith doesn't seem to be a yodin card because it doesn't have snipe. Flamesmith is the perfect tank for slow + no ranged rule sets combo.

I am a fan of my Torhilo. So Caladuum kind of reminds me of it. Only Caladuum is more tough and damaging to opponents. I can only imagine a horror of player facing Caladuum in no melee matches.

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Good post Steve. I agree on your points, I think fire probably received the least utility from the Dice. Flamessmith is nice with the repair but there are so many other good range cards in Fire that it's hard to find a spot. Summoner-wise... like you said... high manna, you're going to default to yodin, and lower manna, the speed from pyre or extra melee from Malric are hard to beat

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice review.
Yeah, those monsters are so nice especially the Caladuum so you should like them.

Congrats to the winner.

And as you said ...

Make sure you leave a comment about the post so you can win.

That makes me a participant too, right? As manually writing this comment, lol.
Yours... ashikstd

yup I will put you in the draw.

Wow great review of all the fire dice monsters and summoners. Really helps me decide the pros and cons on which one to level up!

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