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RE: Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge - Sea Monster

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey... well done with the post.
You got a point strategy, it seems.
But how was it a nice lineup as you've used a melee attacker with a big melee attack at the last position while he was only getting hit and healing himself without attacking the opponent?
As the battle had the "Standard" ruleset so you better had to use the Sea Monster at the front and then some monsters who could attack from any position/other than the first position eg. magic or ranged monsters.

Although you've won the battle... but it doesn't mean that your strategy did the thing.
I know the things like this and if you know anything other than that then you may mention me and let me know how it was a nice lineup.



Ahh thank you. I didn't think about that, but you are right, just because the battle was won doesn't always mean it is a good strategy. Perhaps it is better to put Sea Monster first and have ranged and magic monsters support him from behind. Thanks for the comment!