Splinterlands Strategies: Optimising your Loot Chests

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Some time ago I got into a conversation with @revisesociology who plays Splinterlands, but prefers the financial aspects of it.

I mentioned the fact that I play on FOUR accounts and he seemed to think this was a bad use of my time. I felt it might be an idea to explain why I disagree with this hypothesis.

splinterlands logo.png

I was given TWO Splinterlands StarterDeck vouchers at SteemFest 3 and another one at SteemFest 4. One of the SF3 vouchers I gave away but used the other two to create accounts for @slobberchops and @bingbabe.

I then invested another $20 to create TWO more accounts for @chops.support and @dismayedworld.

The reason for FOUR accounts is easy to explain. I like to have up to FOUR daily quest rewards and FOUR lots of End of Season rewards.

The other little thing is I pull in 4 TIMES the DEC.

What… you think I’m a greedy bastard? Four accounts mean I have to play four lots of matches, and I do this without the use of the dreaded BOTS.


...'these accounts codes are used and were given to me at SF3. Feel free to use them, I can guarantee they won't work'...

@revisesociology tells me he spends 20 minutes a day at the most to complete his Daily Quest and to reap the rewards.

It also takes me that amount of time to gain my ‘up to FOUR lots of rewards’. You see some days I am ineligible to get the daily quests as my splinters are segregated via the FOUR accounts.

@slobberchops controls the Death and Water splinters.
@bingbage controls the Fire and Earth splinters.
@chops.support controls the Life and Dragon splinters.

All of these accounts have Level 6 Summoners and the monsters to back them up with. I don't want to level up any more than 6 as the cost is disproportionate to the power level.

So what of @dismayedworld? Well this is my ‘Librarian account’ and holds all the crap surplus stuff that the other accounts don’t need.


...'@dismayedworld gets all the leftovers but still pulls in some loot chests and DEC'...

This includes tons of excess Betas, 25 of each surplus Reward card, lots of excess Untamed, any Gold cards that are OOP, and a bunch of Promo cards.

I don’t get valid DQ’s every day but with a chance to ‘choose another’ I generally get between 2-4 daily between the FOUR accounts.

For example, if @slobberchops gets offered Life and then Fire he passes and does not do one that day.

How can I do my DQ's in 20 minutes? I play ALL of them in FOUR separate browser tabs simultaneously.

You think that’s hard?, It’s not and Spinterlands does not require a lot of brain computation from me to win over 85% of my matches.

When I get above Diamond III, then it gets a little more competitive but for the most part the time allowed to choose my monsters is enough and it never counts down to zero.


...'primed for playing, FOUR tabs all logged into different Splinterlands accounts'...

So to give you an idea of what I get out of this, last season my accounts finished in this status.

...'that’s an end of season stash of 220 Loot Chests'...

...'A Champion I finisher earns 150 Loot Chests'...

Even my librarian account managed to get into Diamond III with a mishmash of all kinds of crappy cards. It speaks volumes of the lower leagues of Splinterlands which is full of Level 1 players, or are they BOTS?

I’m just taking advantage of the current situation and have been doing what you are reading about for the best part of a year.

So if you play me and I surrender then you know why. If I am playing a Level 1 BOT team, I will still have a go at beating it with my Level 1 cards.



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How about your dec earnings? Do you use it to buy new cards.

How about your dec earnings? Do you use it to buy new cards.

Some of it. I went through a spell of getting bored and all my accounts were in Bronze again. It took some time to get them back up into Gold and Diamond. I won't be doing that again!

Just one game a season will hopefully keep you up in the leagues. I see you have mtg in your profile I just started playing. It’s pretty cool game.

I played years ago, I just sell the cards now.

Do you know I think it's a sensible rewards maximising strategy, it had never even occurred to me to do this - I'll be doing a modified version and cranking up my alt at some point soon.

I do prefer playing with higher levelled cards, I'm probably the perfect sucker the game needs in this respect. I heard a wonderful line in Discord the other day:

'most of us probably think we're over-invested in Splinterlands' - so true.

I thought you were selling everything, until I realised you split them! TBH I thought that wasn't a bad move -the cards are at a good price ATM if you ask me to take a profit!

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I'd own >£2Ks worth of 'digital game cards' I'd have laughed at them, but here I am holding onto them for some reason!

I couldn't face playing four accounts BTW.

Is your strategy that profitable with the new tighter rewards rules. Also, I know you get much more DEC higher up the leagues, I was wondering if your rewards might also be better - I'm sure I get better quality cards now I'm finish in Champion 1.

I don't think it's worth the time to play for rewards, better to spend your time researching which cards are the most undervalued and trade them maybe?

I'm getting into Exode BTW - even if it doesn't end up being profitable I really like the guy who put it together - 10 years worth of work there. Might be worth a look?!? I've risked a bit on it.

Hmmm, I thought you might be interested in this. I have been playing like this ever since post SF3 when I got into the game.

The new rules don't really make a difference, if one of my two splinters is the DQ one, then it's comfortable to finish them.

I don't think it's worth the time to play for rewards, better to spend your time researching which cards are the most undervalued and trade them maybe?

Maybe not, a while ago an announcement was made about a lot of new things happening soon. I have heard nothing since, but they do tend to surprise us. Crafting and owing land I believe it was, and that DEC would become very much in demand.

I think there's still some legs in the game, even though it is trivial to play now.

I'm getting into Exode BTW - even if it doesn't end up being profitable I really like the guy who put it together - 10 years worth of work there. Might be worth a look?!? I've risked a bit on it.

I will have a look, don't have a clue what it is right now.

It's got legs maybe, but I won't be investing $10K in it. They really have got big plans. He'll probably find enough people though.



I have seen it, however as only Splinterlands has 'made it' I am very untrusting of new games, however good they may seem. I remember you bring pulled into that Nexus Colony one with the legendary planets. Be cautious.

Ah it's only a portion of one Steem PD on a risky investment, I like spending a little on a risky investment, hardly a bank breaker, less than one month's take-out coffee expenditure!

I am making a point of locking up money through a combination of powering up and transferring BTC to my wallets!

I had a nice little earner on some Steem yesterday - I checked in with ionomy and a limit order for 1500 Steem that went through at 1300 sats, then some mug bought it back off me at 2000, that (unexpected) profit is basically my Exode investment, or near enough, I don't track crypto that carefully TBH, just roughly with the funny money!

I only play with my solominer account, but may try giving multiple a try.

When I buy untamed packs on steem-engine do I still get airdrops? Seems like the packs sell for cheaper than what i can buy them for on steemmonsters.

When I buy untamed packs on steem-engine do I still get airdrops?

I'm not sure, I haven't ever bought one that way.. but I know they are cheaper. I only buy singles now as I don't pay the lottery.

Interesting :)

I'm the totaly oposite of this. I played two accounts and switched to only one that is in champion 1 for a long time now. Altgough couldnt get to top50 and get packs as reward still.

I totaly agree with the fact that your 4 have more rewards on the end of the season then my 1.
But its just a personal preferance to be focussed more and on one thing only. Its just my thing.
Congrats to you for running 4 acc :)

The introduction of the longer times to choose cards helped me with running 4 at one time. Before I could only manage 3. To get to the top 50 means a lot more spending.

From 6 > 7 is a huge outlay financially. I don't think I can justify it.

Powering down steem has helped :)
But yes, it is hard to justify it.

Powering down steem has helped

I took some out as fiat, first time ever.

huh, interesting ideas as well as you have separated your teams - never thought to do that.

I started playing 4 games a day with full decks in each. Now happy to play one account and will play my sons account when he cant be stuffed. Made it in top 50 last season for the first time.- luving it! :)

Do you buy quest potions / any potions?

Do you buy quest potions / any potions?

I get enough in the chests that never have none left. We don't get so many cards anymore, but the chests with lots of DEC make up for it.

This is brilliant tbf and a nice way to maximise your earnings. I manage like three, and sometimes four accounts. I sort out daily quests for all of them in one hour and manage to get all of them into Diamond level. At the time of writing, two are already at Diamond and one is in Gold 2 because it had a fire splinter daily quest where I got beat down the ranks.

It takes a while to send the reward cards to the correct accounts if you do this. I think you will understand what I mean.

I know you use Lvl4 summoners..., you do well to get into Diamond with these decks. Once it would have been impossible.

I'm still only a few months into the game, so I'm still building up my deck. The real challenge is leveling up summoners because they're so damn expensive. The lvl4 I'm using were leased to me. My target is to get into Champion level but damn, there are monsters there that I generally can't fuck with.

Playing in 4 tabs makes sense. I stick with one account as it would take a while to build up others. Now @steemmonsters are moving to Hive I will keep playing, but will spend some Steem on upgrading cards. I guess that is only possible until the end of this month when they move.

There are some interesting new cards arriving, but not on the scale like we used to get before the potions and DEC were introduced into the chests. I can always see ways to improve my decks but they need justification. Got a post coming about that in the next week or so.

I used some DEC to buy another pack. My cards are worth a bit, but not sure I want to sell just now.

Sealed pack? It's like playing the lottery! I prefer to pick up singles now.

Well they don't cost me too much. Just doing it for fun.

the four tabs is a good idea. I only have one deck, but I will two tab it for tournaments and play regular matches on the second tab. I’d be interesting to know how much you actually make over a season.

You need two HIVE accounts to do this.

Yeah I'll stick to one account it makes my life easier, but I applaud this strategy because you are getting more rewards.

I have a few accounts I do this with too. A shitty card at Champion, can do very well in Diamond!

I have my three and when I actually have time to play them I can get the two of them to Crystal III and the other one to Gold III so I usually pull in some decent rewards. Not so much now that they changed things up, but I had a pretty good chance of getting at least one legendary card each season back in the day.

Yes, we get few cards now. I liked it better before when we had loads.