Tokenized two More Splinterlands Monster Drawing to my NFT Showroom Gallery

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive world,
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I have tokenized two more Splinterlands Drawing/GIF to my #nftshowroom gallery. And you can buy these Tokenized Art from NftShowroom (Link below the Drawings).

Pit Ogre GIF

Buy it Here Price 20Swap.Hive($2.383)
And You will get Still Image/Drawing in UnLockable attachment

"Pyre" Hand Drawing

Buy it Here Price 25Swap.Hive($2.979)
And you will get same drawing with dark skin color in UnLockable attachment


You can Visit MY GALLERY at NFT SHOWROOM to check other drawings and GIFs.
Your love comments and tips are always welcomed...


I have drawn and tokenized some of the Splinterlands Monster characters.
Splinterlands is the Block-chain based card game that rewards crypto while battling with your cards and on completing daily quests etc.
User can also trade cards on the market.
If you ever think to start playing just Use my Ref Link to join and check FAQ for getting more knowledge about it...

Hope You like it,
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Thanks for Curating my Art :)

Good luck selling them.

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These are great! Keep at it! 👊

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