Tokenized my GIF scene of "Skeleton Assassin of Splinterlands" to NFTSHOWROOM

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Hi there lovely and creative people of Hive world,
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I just tokenized my GIF working image of #splinterlands character SKELETON ASSASSIN. I really loved it my self. As making moves of hand drawing is not so easy hehe but some how I did by taking hours on it.
I cut the body parts and edit the back parts on Photoshop and make this GIF and just tokenized it and listed for sale.

Price : 25 SWAP.HIVE ($14.852)
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Splinterlands is block-chain based collectible card game, where user can earn by winning ranked battles, completing daily quests etc. User can also trade their card to market as well.
If you didn't even start it, here is my Ref Link to join.


About "Skeleton Assassin"
  • COMMON Death Monster
  • Abilities : Sneak, Poison
  • Level 1 card Price on market : $0.15


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