"Splinterlands Art Contest Week 102" - Drawing/illustration of Spark Pixies

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having good start of the week.

I am sharing my drawing/illustration for Splinterlands Monster Art Contest by @splinterlands.
If you are interested to join the contest then you are very welcome, Visit the original Contest post by Clicking Here and it is weekly contest so you can join it now or when ever you think you can :).

My Entry for 102nd Week




Original Image on Splinterlands Market

Source Image


Software I used :




Below you can check step-wise images of my working
Start with a pixie shape by using pen tool


Cut the shape using knife tool for eyes etc


Create other pixies etc using pencil tool


Cut the shpes for eyes


These are whites so I put black background for it and double coloured the pixies as you can see the first two images of the post as my final pieces.


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Edited the Final Piece with some colour variations, because @monster-curator suggest me to don't just share the copy/traced one.
Hope it will make a difference :D and next time I will definitely take care of that.

Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit



Love it gohstly beautiful

HEHE I will come with its GIF soon. Hopefully with some interesting image with it

It looks cool but is actually a 100% copy of the original. I wouldn't even recognize it as fanart if it wouldn't be for your post about it. May I suggest changing the originals at least a little bit to create a difference? Copying is a great tool to learn but eventually you need to learn to fly yourself.



:(, I was thinking of that while publishing but thought that I have shared the working steps to show that I am working on it not just trace it using different tools.

but hope to give it something later and edit it. Or if not I will make a gif on other post.

And Yes, thanks for your thoughts about it as I am not a professional so these tips and suggestions are really WORTH for me.

EDITED : HOPE IT WILL MAKE SOME DIFFERENCE FOR NOW... And I will take care of it in future :D


Relax, just a little trick for the future. :)

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