Animated GIF of my HAND DRAWING "PYRE"

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive World,
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I am come up with my GIF creation of my Hand drawing of #splinterlands Monster Character "Pyre". How ever it is easy FOR ME to animate digital drawing, where I can easily select what I want to move :D but hard to animate hand drawing or one layer image :) but I tried to create a GIF scene

Pyre asking for enemy life


Drawing/Still Image


I already Tokenized Pyre drawing with light skin colour, but sharing the above one because you can find my drawing process on the above post link I shared.


Software I used :

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Editing
Adobe Image Ready 7.0 for creating GIF by Frames


Steps :

As I already said above that making of GIF from hand drawing is not so easy for me but I tried and you can see the images I use in frames
Add a circle design to the background


Start with my already created drawing


Cut the hand and increase its size and change the position


Increase more of its size


Create inner mouth (Red) to make a talking Pyre


Rotate his hand



Hope you enjoyed My GIF creation of "Pyre". Pyre is one of the Monster Character of "Splinterlands" Game and Splinterlands is Block-chain based collectible card game that allow its player to earn crypto by winning battles and completing quests etc.
Player can also trade their digital cards on market.

I myself start the game few weeks back and really enjoying the Fun. If you think to join the game so here is my Ref Link and visit FAQ to know more about the Game.


Hope You like it,
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I really liked the effect you created from the GIF! It gives a different touch to the drawing.

Thank you @tripode for the appreciation :)

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Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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