#321 Shoemanchu is proud to present a Splinterlands Untamed Gold Cursed Slimeball Card Giveaway

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I guess 44 :)

I'm going with 60.

31 thank you


thank you for bringing back the giveaways🙌🏾
the paiting is dope, how big is that canvas?

Thanks, its 12" x 16" on the painting.

damn you painting, painting lol im excited for the custom collage & your favorite splinter/monster line up on 1 painting 🤞🏾🙏🏾


82 !! Tks friend!!

I'm in with 53. Thanks for the giveaway!

18 @giemo

74 Thanks!

My number is 24

I'm feeling a solid 12

69 :D

Hi ShoeManchu! I'm in with 84
Thanks for the giveaway.

I will go with 25. Thank you @koition

going with 37

I'll go 9?

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22 please :)

Thank you so much for the card.

I'll go with 14 again.

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I guess 88

I will take number 3