I opened one pack and got a legendary card!

in Splinterlandslast month

That almost never happens!

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 10.03.58 AM.png

Okay, so it's not the best Legendary card, but...

I didn't really buy it. I got it for playing as @ts-goblin. Any of the packs earned by that account eventually get split between me and the owner of the cards. I just open those right away and hope for the best. This time it worked out well! You can see, the value of the pack is just over $3, which would make it worth more than the cost of a pack... but I got this one for free. Or for spending countless hours playing... 🤣


I'm leasing a higher-level Dragon Jumper card right now, but I'll combine this new one with my current one(s) in hopes of eventually getting my own card to a high enough level to use it.


thats awesome !!
i still didn't found any legendary =[

Not even one? That's sad, but keep trying! You'll get one eventually. It's a great feeling.

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