Yodin Zaku and team - drawing contest

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She looked hither and thither. There were a lot of crossroads. It seemed to confuse her a lot. Talia was sure he had said that Pyre and his team were waiting to receive Yodin Zaku near the community hall. She was sure that the Lord would not lie to her. He had a soft corner for her and always made sure she got some gift each time he came over to help her out when taking on the forces of the waters.

She consulted her inner powers and set out to reach the huge furnace as she was directed by the voice. She soon came across the fires which were burning bright.

Yodin Zaku. The name induced fear and respect. She was unsure if he would even notice her among the others who had assembled there. The legendaries and the golds got the front seats while the commons were not even offered a seat. She stood a little ahead and watched as the chariot stopped and Zaku alighted from it. He had a fiery aura that could burn anyone who came near. He roared thrice and the crowds cheered. Even the death monsters shook in fear. They had not expected this kind of power and even the Mimosa was scared. The only ones who stood their place without fear were the legendary Prince and the wise Alric.

Yodin Zaku summoned his monsters one by one and made a spectacular sight as they posed for the photographs.


Based on the above storyline, try your best to draw Yodin Zaku and his team as if they are posing for a photograph after a win.

The last date for submitting entries will be before the payout of the post.


  • Include this post link in your post
  • leave the link of your post in the comment section
  • drawing can be digital or on paper
  • it should be colored
  • please upvote and resteem
  • tag a friend and invite to participate
  • please write 100 words at least
  • all rules should be followed in order to qualify for the prize


First prize - 20 Hive

Second prize - 10 Hive

Third prize - 5 Hive

image - Splinterlore


My Entry for the contest :) really enjoyed working on it :D
Thanks for the Contest @Sayee Didi :)


Thank you Shrazi, it looks very nice :)

My pleasure and thanks to you for the Contest

Good Day @Sayee!

I will definitely join with my drawing soon I am inviting @maxwellmarcusart and @librepensadora to check for it.

Thanks a lot, Shrazi, and all the best :)

Nice contest. Should be fun.

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Thank you :)

I wish to take part on this. I hope I could make time.

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Hello Friend @sayee

My dear @shrazi Thank you very much for the invitation. Of course, I will participate. Although I do not know any of those characters, I am going to contribute a drawing with characters that, surely, do not even resemble those mentioned in the text.

I invite my colleagues @jesusmedit @aularjavier and @elsan.artes to participate in this beautiful contest


You can find it on Splinterlands or search it on the web

1 Splinterlands yodin zaku (Main Character in your drawing)
2 Splinterlands pyre
3 Splinterlands pit ogre

You can also check Fire Monsters on Splinterlands website.


I am fan of your art and wish to see your drawing for the contest :)
And if you have time check this LOGO CONTEST

Ah, ok. Thank you, m dear @shrazi

I am going to check the Splinterlands characters.

A Hug

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Nice Contest, Zaku is the best fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Summoner.

Thanks, hope you will participate? @yonilkar

I don't draw hahaha

but you were the one who did all that splinterlands drawing, right?

Hahaha No I don't.

Good morning, friends from @splinterlands @sayee

Here I leave my participation in this nice contest. This is the first time that I am in this community.


I hope you like it.


wow, thats sure cool.