Splinterlands Quidditch - Best Little League Line Up: Saved by Triage

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Thanks to @bdcommunity for putting together these Quidditch challenges - this week's is on Little League Line Ups.

If you take a look at the Peakmonster's battle chain, filtered for Champions league, Fire seems to be the Splinter which wins the most often, and often with sneak as a strategy.

Unfortunately for me Fire is the deck I've sacrificed in order to build all the others, so that's not an option, but I need to be able to defend against it, so thinking through the most effective strategies for Little Leagues is useful.

Below I present one battle where I successfully used triage with water to successfully defend against against a sneaky Fire attack with a Little League Rule set.

What I especially like about this battle is that I won, triage was crucial, but not in the way I'd have expected!

Little league - saved by triage!

This is a battle with a somewhat amusing, skin of my teeth outcome - the starting line up is as below (little league is the only rule).

Me winning.JPG

  1. The Turtle - a good all round tank with a good amount of shields and health, and of course Thorns
  2. The chicken - mainly to soak up blast, which can be common in LL battles
  3. The Mermaid - I was expecting sneak, so the idea was that triage can heal the back row.
  4. The Medusa - a no-brainer in a little league battle - 2 damage and stun.
  5. Ice Pixie - Risky if reflect is played, but I like shatter (as the turtle is quite common), also a handy shield for defense from sneak
  6. The Crustacean - heal and shields being crucial for both front and back row.

The battle round by round

Round 1

We exchange blows, and by the end of the round I've lost my Crustacean - the Mermaid can't heal anything thanks to those consecutive sneaks. However, I have got my opponent's tank down to 1 health, and the retaliate didn't work, so that was some good news!

round 2.JPG

Round 2

By the end of round two, I've lost my Ice Pixie, again thanks to double sneak, but my Turtle stands strong, as my opponent doensn't have too much fire power at the front, despite my healing capacity disappearing in the previous round. My cumulative attacks finish off his Cerberus and Creeping Ooze, bringing his Elf to the front, crucially now he has much reduced sneak damage and the Mermaid can do some useful healing!
round 3.JPG

Round 3

The Elf takes out the Turtle, and his thorns return the favour. The Imp then takes out my chicken (he did his bit!) and my Mermaid takes out his Imp.

Now, my Mermaid's the tank, but his front row goblin only has one damage, meaning she can last a while!

His Miner hits the Medusa, she is healed back up to 4 health by the Mermaid - that is the crucial triage moment number one!

round 4.JPG

Round four

You can probably tell from above - The Miner hits the Medusa, she gets healed by the Mermaid back up to 4 health again, crucial triage moment number two! I take out his Goblin,

round 5.JPG

Rounds 5 and 6

The Miner strikes first - takes out my Mermaid, then the Mermaid does 2 damage, and she fails to stun, but with 3 damage to 4 health, it's game over anyway.

And I ended up with a 'skin of my teeth' win:



This battle didn't go according to plan, but it ended up being an accidental defense against a sneak attack - in the end the Mermaid did do two rounds of healing on the Medusa which were crucial to my victory.

For my opponent, he did the right thing playing consecutive sneaks, but he lost mainly because he put one of his sneak attacks too far fowards, hence they became a tank sooner than they may have.

So is triage an effective defense against sneak?

I'm not convinced on the back of this battle, I think I got lucky with my opponent splitting his sneak attacks. I think in future I may have to experiment a bit more with little league defenses against sneak, or just replace the Mermaid with a damage card to bludgeon the front more quickly!


Really need to level up those low mana cards for battles like this. My turtle is still lacking thorns. I hate coming up against thorn cards. I've still made it to champion again this time. Keep meeting people with quite low level cards, so they must have good strategy.

Yes it's odd that - I had two battles in a row a couple of days ago where i face a Yodin maxed deck (strategy is irrelevant there you just lose) and next a deck with level one cards in ! That was at the top of C2

The turtle is one of the best to level - and he's the go to tank for little leagur - Not too late to get some Beta cheapies!

Actually a good hint might be to look at @bubke's collection on peakmonsters - look at his gold cards - he's only got a couple of dozen or so and only those you play frequently (so max efficiency investment) and they're the best to level up (non gold versions for us)!

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well noticed, i am not the omly one doing that though

If I'm not mistaken I noticed that just about the only gold legendary you've got is the Chain Golem - I'm now wishing I'd have picked up a few back when he was $3! I sort of overlooked that card!

I did buy a L5 golden chicken on the same basis, but that's about as far as I've got!

I'm going to have a look at some of the other leading accounts!

I just levelled up my turtle to get thorns and bumped some other cheap ones up too. In champions any extra advantage is useful. I may make it to C2 again this time.

Ah nice - good investment! It doesn't cost much ATM! Thorns really are one of the most useful buffs, a reliable two damage. I rate the armourer and chef as two must level ups too!

lol, that was almost same as what I used for the same contest except for an opportunity monster I used instead of an extra magic monster you have used.

Good one, best wishes my friend :)

Hey cheers!

I had planned a much longer post - I found a really nice battle on chain where Life beat Water - interesting!

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Longer post? I am nowadays, just keep writing without looking much into number of words. However short I want to make it, the explanation of lineup and each round of battle takes it close to 1000 words if not more than that!!!

Yeah, the battle was a nice one. Little League battles and Life Splinter beating Water is a bit rare scenario that too without Weak Magic ruleset.

Interesting battle. I have to agree with you, you got lucky. And no Triage is not and effective defense against sneak. Here probably Cocatrice...or anything with flying and dodge...

I just don't like having the Cocatrice idle at the back! And my Spirit Miner isn't suitablly levelled which is another option. Shield, and a combination of repair and triage might work, could be worth trialling. Then again you'd be left with no attack!

Sneak is irritating in Low mana battles I think yr better off just ignoring it maybe and going for speed and damage on the tank.

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