Splinterlands Challenge of the Week: Silvershield Warrior

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This week's Splinterlands Challenge of the Week was to showcase the SilverShield Warrior and his reach ability

As with many of my Beta cards my SilverShield Warrior is relatively unlevelled - only level four for me, but there was no harm giving him a rare run-out once I'd reached C1, and so when a suitable rule-set presented itself I decided to have a bit of fun with the reach ability, stacking my deck with not one, but three reach cards, one of which was the SilverShield Warrior.

The battle below features my deck, with relatively unlevelled cards against @joker777 who played a maxed deck - it went to 24 rounds and I won, so the joke was firmly on him - and with a username like that, well, you're asking for a dig-comment when you lose against a lesser opponent.

Although in fairness, I did play with Chanseus, a legendary summoner, who was essential for this victory!


The Rule Set and Line Up

  • Mana 40
  • only melee monsters
  • No sneak or snipe


Summoner - Chanseus - because of repair, as it's only melee monsters, triage, in anticipation of 'blast', and 'resurrect', as all those shields come on back with the monster!

  1. Paladin - shields in the front.
  2. Luminous Eagle - reach position 1 as he has the highest damage and flying might come in handy if he becomes a second tank, due to chance to miss.
  3. Silvershield warrior, reach position 2
  4. Grumpy Dwarf, reach position 3. In retrospect I would have maybe swapped positions 3 and 4, due the Dwarf's enrage giving him a higher attack.
  5. Armourer - to repair shields, essential!
  6. Shield Bearer at the back - firstly, to split the reach and opportunity attacks I'd expected (but didn't get), and because he'd benefit from Chanseus' Triage in this position, so ultimately last longer.

Did my strategy work?

Beautifully, for all 24 glorious rounds - to see it in action click here!

  • Rounds 1-5 - We trade blows - there's only three monsters attacking - his Frozen soldier getting nowhere against my Paladin because of the double repair I've got going, and my Paladin and Eagle attacking him - round 5 he finally loses his FS! (FFS!)
  • Rounds 6-7 - With his Naga Warrior now in the front row, I've got retialiate to deal with - one of those takes out the Eagle, but he's resurrected, and then Triage gets to work, he's soon back up to full health, and shields!
  • Rounds 8 - 18 (I shit you not) this is how long it takes me to deal with damn seamonster, due to a couple of unlucky misses. You can sort of tell by this point that 'fatigue' is going to come into play! I'm taking no damage due to 'repair'.
  • Rounds 19 - 20 - Now his Mech is in tank, and I take out his shields in two rounds
  • Round 21 - fatigue sets in - now it's obvious I'm going to win!
  • Round 22 - I lose my dwarf due to fatigue, he loses his Mech due to my damage and fatigue - his Turtle comes to the front, still doing no thorns damage to the Paladin, due to my shields!
  • Round 23 is a busy one, carnage, all monsters die, now due to the 3 points of fatigue being done per round. Crucially, in this round Chanseus heals the Shieldbearer back up to 7HP, compared to my Opponent's Eeels, on 1 HO
  • Round 24 - Fatigue kills off the Eeels, I'm last man standing!

How important was The SilverShield Warrior?

Along with Dwarf he didn't really do anything, but at least he was along for the ride, although the Reach ability was crucial.

Reach was essential to taking out the Seamonster before fatigue set in. If he hadn't have gone down, he may have been able to heal from fatigue faster than Chanseus could heal my Shieldbearer.

I didn't plan on the Shieldbearer at the back being useful in a fatigue situation, but because of the very high health and triage, that won me the battle against fatigue!


Reach combined with repair really seems to work with this rule set!

To be honest, I only tend to use it in low mana battles, but having won this battle in this way, I will probably employ a similar strategy again.

I think most people in C1 know that there's folly in playing sneak and opportunity with Melee only attacks because you leave yourself open to retaliate and thorns - you can see that's what my opponent was hoping for.

However, if you just play one attack, like my opponent did, you're leaving things down to the fatigue rule, and he fell foul of that and I won.

A middle-range strategy to overcome getting caught up in one of these follies is 'reach' balanced with armour repair (for melee only battles) - then you do sufficient damage to kill off all (I think) self-healing monsters while you've got a good chance to repair sufficient armour to defend against those possible retaliations and thorns.

If your'e sending off three or four attacks in a round with front row, reach, and opportunities, you can't repair your shields quickly enough to counter the counters.



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This tiny little monster just sit and wait until died hahaha so lazy.