Three days of adventure: Quest summary

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Peace Dear friends,

These past three days, I was working on various programs outside. It was in most case fields work at a laboratory station. Therefore I could not publish a post properly written article on Splinterlands.




One of the rewards is not posted here due to a technical error on our part. Nevertheless, our count of cards exceeded the average distributed last season.




Our daily quests had multiple tasks to achieve before reception of the rewards. The gold league arena players in the early days of this season can present numerous challenges. Oppositions are tougher and the strategies are not as effective as they shall on the battleground.


Victorious Battles




Daria dragon combines with the elements such as life, death and earth offered victory during this quest. We have fought not so powerful adversaries in those battles.






We had the pleasure to complete this quest since the ruleset was not so strict. Contessa Lament has gained much power over the days since the two previous seasons. Death summoner equips to decrease the range attack of the enemies secures many victories against powerful opponents. In conclusion, it was the easiest of all three quests.




Contessa Lament from death series of cards was essential in the completion of this quest. Ruleset specified the only usage of death element monsters. It became clear that Contessa level four in the gold league was the perfect match for this quest. I have lost few battles but nothing too difficult that need reporting in this article. Corrupted Pegasus is a rental in the strategies developed during this quest. It brings such health and melee strikes that destroy most enemy lines. I can only dedicate this article to Pegasus max level card.

------------------------------ yj7rf8.png ------------------------------

The proportion of DEC tokens received in comparison to potion and cards has significantly increased since the start of the current season. The bidding market has offered as usual cheap cards of the untamed series. In addition, Rewards series such as Centauri mage bought on bid market and combined up to level five. The repair ability unlocks at the level five Centauri mage strengthens our earth team strategies for the coming battle. Besides the rental cards of the dragon series have continued to support our effort to progress faster in the gold league and beyond the Diamond II. Fiendish Harpy is one of the dragon cards that has always an empty spot to fill before the battle. I can guaranty Fiendish will surprise you in its ability to shift the balance of power in the arena.

Dark Energy Chrystal on the Hive-engine market is still very low when we analyze the DEC chart against Hive. The price a the time of publication of this post is around 0.0016HIVE for one DEC.

------------------------------ yj7rf8.png ------------------------------

In the comment section please share a screenshot of your favorite battles where there are both team cards and the ruleset displayed. In addition, your Splinterlands active account should be mention for the purpose of winning 500 DEC if your comment is randomly selected.

We would like to thanks all the participants and the future awards.

Thanks for reading this post and spend sometimes on our blog.

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