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Peace Hivees,

My daily quest was scheduled within the remaining days of the current season. I have entered the Diamond league. This transition has seriously impacted the outcome of the battles in the ranking arena. Life summoner Khala was selected to complete this difficult task under the pressure of losing our rank in Diamond.





Loss more than expected but victorious at last

As it all begins the water summoner set for the quest was not powerful enough to face the opponents in Diamond. I change the quest rules then position the life summoners Khala as the leader in this adventure. My strategies were not effective during the fourteen battles of the quest. The opposite side had so skilled monsters on the board that I lost most of the challenges rank battle. I won each time my rank drop low enough to match my team with the less skillful players in the Diamond League.







Life series of cards in the game seems to be the strongest pack of cards compared to the same level of Water, fire, death, or earth series. In the gold league, this evaluation showed much validation as our progression was straight towards higher rank battle after battles. Although the assertion in Diamond league is not back by solid proof, we managed to complete our quest in less than 20 battles. Diamond League requires patience and leveled-up cards. I was planning to rent a few cards and summoners to mine more DEC in the Diamond but the finale is upon us. The Splinterland season will reset in less than 15 hours now. Each reset will lower players' rank to the precedent league.


------------------------------ yj7rf8.png ------------------------------

The rewards unveiled at the end of our quest had fewer cards than potions. This situation was not too frustrating as the amount of DEC earned was large enough. The rewards in the Diamond league are numerous and equal to 12 loots to open daily. I had maxed out Sandworm on my pack and planning with these extra cards a lease to members of Alliance Guild.

There are many interesting cards in the bid market. If you are patient enough to afford those cheap cards your achievement in the league is going to inevitably improve. The combination of multiple cards especially from the Untamed Pack bought on the bid market empowers my team in different situations particularly the tournaments. The strategies have a better impact and assure safe progression in the Gold league.


Source: Hive-engine

Dark energy Chrystal on the Hive-engine market is still very low when we analyze the DEC chart against Hive. The price a the time of publication of this post is around 0.0016HIVE per DEC.

In the comment section please share a screenshot of your favorite battles. Your submission should have both team cards and the ruleset displayed. In addition, your Splinterlands active account should be mention for fun weekly rewards.

We would like to thanks all the participants and the future winners.

Thanks for reading this post and spend sometimes on our blog.

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