Follow along with me on this oddly-easy Neutral quest!

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This is exactly what I like to see when I've got a neutral quest. To me, this is really where the Sacred Llama card is most effective. If you try to use it with a high mana cap, the other player is going to have so many other powerful cards that your last stand ability may never end up being useful and you'll lose the battle because you lost so much mana by using a 7 mana summoner.

Win 1 of 3

Screen Shot 20210128 at 10.30.52 AM.png

If you can play it like this, though, and only use one card, it works out great in general, and especially well if you're doing a neutral quest. When the battle starts, the Nectar Queen gets the Last Stand ability right away it has a ton of lives, a huge attack, and it's faster. With the flying ability and the speed, most of the other monsters never even hit it and it just mows everyone down quickly.

See the whole battle if you're interested:

I tried the very same thing again for the next battle and it didn't work because I only have 5 mana left over after the summoner and the one card I used just wasn't powerful enough to take down the opposing cocksucker's player's cards.

Win 2 of 3

The second win took a while. Neutral quests are pretty difficult. Or No Neutral quests, or whatever you want to call them. Sometimes, you just can't win without some throw-away cards like the Furious Chicken and Creeping Ooze. It's easier with smaller mana caps, in my opinion.

This is a battle I almost didn't play. I had every intention of just letting the time run out because that's what I like to do sometimes when I'm up against people who always beat me. This time, I got sidetracked, saw it was time to pick a team, did it quick, and ended up winning.

Let that be a lesson to you. Curling up and dying sounds like a great technique when you're faced with certain death, but maybe it's worth a shot if you think you're dead anyway. What's the worst that can happen, you die? Exactly.

It's nice there are some 1-mana cards that aren't neutral now. The one I threw in the back of this lineup is probably one of the only reasons I won.

Screen Shot 20210128 at 10.49.33 AM.png

Not only did I beat someone who always beat me, from the Team KR team, but I beat a Fire Splinter team with that cursed Living Lava card up front. I'm glad I didn't just give up! Life lesson learned.

Win 3 of 3

Well, this quest wasn't all that difficult after all. I won the third battle right after the second one. I went with Life Splinter for two reasons. The first was that, of the summoners available, that one had the highest level. The other is that there were a lot of cards available that weren't neutral with the flying ability, which helps immensely in Earthquake battles is probably the reason I won this battle.

Screen Shot 20210128 at 10.57.43 AM.png

So, how were the rewards?

Just ok!

Nothing crazy, but I'll take both of those cards because they're new, and at least I got a couple double-digit DEC rewards. They're not really noteworthy until they're triple-digit DEC rewards, though. And cards aren't particularly noteworthy unless they're at least Epic or Gold.

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