Splinterlands Challenge of the Week – Mantoid!

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The Splinterlands Challenge of the Week features Mantoid, from the Untamed edition.


Mantoid is a rare neutral sniper, that when evolved, inflicts brutal ranged attack damage, reaching + 4 at its highest level.

Your speed also becomes high, reaching 5, as well as the number of hit points: 7, as we can see in your stats table below:


Yours only weakness is that it requires 6 mana, so it is much less used in battles with a low mana cap.

But its main asset is its ability:


When attacking enemies with Flying, removes the Flying ability and cannot miss.

The Battle

  • Mana: 40
  • Ruleset: Earthquake: Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.


In this earthquake battle, I tried the strategy of using as many snipers as possible.

And with the hope that Mantoid and Child of the Forest could make a difference by applying Snare to possible enemy flying monsters, which temporarily removes the ability to Flying of these enemies, causing them to suffer from the earthquake shakes and perish.

Click on the image to watch the battle:

This is a great example of the focus and concentration of forces in the same direction.

While my cards aim at the same target, my opponent, although it also has a few snipers, the vast majority of its forces are attacking towards my tank

To give me more advantage, my second position card (Cornealus) has Return Fire, while the card of the opposite team (Prismatic Energy) has Magic Reflect, which was not efficient here since I did not add any magic attack card.

I think my strategy worked very well, and Mantoid was still able to deliver the fatal blow to the enemy Spirit of the Forest, then succumbing to the earthquake, but helping significantly in my victory.

Images: @splinterlands



Nice battle and true considerations
@tipu curate

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I love how you placed Corneleus at the second position to catch all the enemy snipers and he ended up being the self-healing tank in the front in the last round.

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@monster-curator, Truth! Thanks! Another card that I love and that works this way is the Centauri Mage.