Contest – Selenia Sky MAX LVL – Delegation #2

in Splinterlands2 months ago
Hello everyone! How was the Splinterlands season?

Today I bring another free rent draw, this time an amazing legendary summoner, I'm sure it can be very useful.

From Dragon splint adding + 1 ranged damage to all monsters under your command: Selenia Sky!


The winner by lot will be able to enjoy this level 4 (MAX) card until the end of the current season.

To compete just comment about this card (Selenia Sky) and tag a friend that would be happy to use this card.

In 48 hours I will determine the winner by lottery and the card will be made available by the game's Lease tool.

Please, only 1 comment per person, and if you do not need this card, tell me to lease to your friend.

To choose the winner I will use the Random Winner Picker tool.

To participate is not necessary upvote, share my post, or follow me, but it will be welcome and help me to increase the prizes.

Good luck!

Image: @splinterlands.



That is an awesome card! The winner could make a good use of it. Good luck to everyone.

Welcome back @monster-curator! Thanks.

I already have a very nice collection, but one of the members of my Guild (Wolf Pack) would probably appreciate it very much!

His/her Splinterlands name is @groopy and is just starting out.


Thank you for holding this lottery/contest!

It's a really great card, I'd be really happy to win it, I'm sure my friend @cooltivar would be more than happy too!

aqui deu bom saiu 3 Spirit Druid Grog de uma vez, algumas ouros e um pack e no pack saiu um zaku :)

I have a few months in splinterlands and this card surely will help me to scale in champions league... my friend @yonilkar could be interested too

I don't have monsters which can be used with such a high level of summoner. My friend @akdx may be interested in this card.

I could use it! Also @infinityx22

This is a great card and helped me attain Champion I level. I could use Selenia Sky again and maybe @threejay could use it too. 🤞

This is an amazing thing you do. your giveaway style.
I could reach champion 1, all thanks to your last season giveaway.
I would like to use the Selena sky. Would be amazing to play her with earth splinter.
I would tag @sayee