Contest – Prismatic Energy LVL 6 – Delegation #1

in Splinterlands5 months ago
Welcome to another draw! Today a Prismatic Energy LVL 6 card

With high speed, Magic Reflect, Void, and + 2 magic attack...

The winner will be able to use this card until the end of the current Splinterlands season.


To participate only comment about this card and tag a friend that would be happy to use this card.

In about 48 hours I will determine the winner by lottery and the card will be made available by the game's Lease tool.

Please make just 1 comment. If you do not need this card, tell me to lease to your friend.

To choose the winner I will use the Random Winner Picker tool.

Is not necessary upvote, share, or follow me, but it will be appreciated and will help me to increase the prizes.

Good luck to all!

Image: @splinterlands.



Hola @marianaemilia participando.. Ah mi me gustaria tenerla pero se que @lenonmc21 tambien jajaja . Suerte a todos !

Primatic Energy is really a strong anti-magic monster. I like to lease that card. I will be tagging @iamthegreat . But I need that card since I'm still weak. Thank you.