Contest – Another Selenia Sky LVL 4 – Free Delegation #03

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That's right! This is not a repeated post, we will have more one drawing of a delegation from another Selenia Sky MAX LVL!

The winner by lottery will be able to play with this card, until the end of the current Splinterlands season.


Just comment and invite a friend that you believe would be happy to use this card.

I will determine the winner using the Random Winner Picker and the card will be made available by the game's Lease tool.

Please, make only 1 comment. If you do not need this card, tell me, because in this case, I will lease to your friend.

It is not necessary upvote, share, or follow me, but it will be appreciated and help me to increase the prizes even more!

I wish you all Good luck!

Image: @splinterlands and @yonikar.



I hope I can get one! @coultivar what do you say?

I think @threejay could use this as much as me. 🤞

!trdo 🙏

join this @lingus , lvl 4 legendary cards

Wow, another Selenia to play for free. Go people, get your chance on one of the best summoners in the game.

Thanks a lot! @monster-curator

@monster-burner might also want to check this.
I would definitely love to use it.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 6/12)

Thanks a lot! :D

I love Selenia Sky... I bought it at level 1