2 Winners! – Splinterlands Card Delegation Contest #13

in Splinterlands11 months ago
Today I come to announce more 2 winners of Splinterlands card delegation contests.


The winners:




The rewards has beem made:



Enjoy! I wish you to make good use of this card, have fun and can help you get more rewards and a better ranking in this season...

Thank you all for your participation! And good luck next time.

Images: @splinterlands and RandomWinnerPicker.



Congratulations on the excellent work, keep it up, success always.

Thanks a lot

Jajaja @marianaemilia hasta ahora me doy cuenta que ganee, gracias !! Lo peor es que veía la carta en mi mazo y no entendía jajaja agradecida por el sorteo 🖤

@cieliss, Oops! Nice! I always send a message on Discord telling the winner, but this time I forgot! Once the same thing happened to me, a friend delegated an Archimage Arius to me and I was wondering how I had such an expensive card! LOL Have fun.