Reached Champions II League + 2,743,041 Card Power

in Splinterlands2 months ago


Just reached the Champions II League and finaly the new Update of the Card Power has arrived yesterday.

My Total Amount of Card Power: 2,743,041

The total DEC value of all playable cards in your collection that are owned by you (or leased to you), and are not leased out to another player or listed for sale on the market.

I got a Gold Foil Card in my Rewards for my daily Quest and now have 2,743,706 Card Power. So my Reward for the Daily Quest are 665 Power Points .


I'm curious how the new Reward System will work out - found some interesting statistics in the mavericks channel in discord.

The Top 35 Users in Card Power


Some of the well known Top Players are there :D

Here are a List made by @jacekw with Top 1k Users and there Card Power - which Place are u right now?

In the List I'm on Place:


Greetings and Happy Gaming



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