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This is my first post about Splinterlands. I write about Khmer Princess. I tell a bit about my family too. Thank you 😊.

my Dad help me to make this picture like Splinterlands

The Gold Khmer Princess πŸ‘Έ The Card I Want Most πŸ™


Β  Β  Β I really want this card because it's call Khmer Princess. I want the gold Khmer Princess because it is strong and easier to win. I have one Khmer Princess but not the gold one. One of my dad's friend gave me the Khmer Princess card. His name is @faustofraser.

Β  Β  Β Most of the times I lose and that why I want gold Khmer Princess card. I want this card because she is Khmer and I'm Khmer too. Khmer Princess has fire magic. I also want her because she doesn't need a lot of mana.

I Am Khmer Too, Perfect For Me


Β  Β  Β I want this card because she is Cambodia and I'm Cambodia too. If you look closer at the Khmer Princess it looks like she wears Cambodia clothes. That picture at the top is me, my mom, my grandma and cousins. Well, she's not too fast not too strong but I love Khmer Princess card the most.

I Miss Cambodia


Β  Β  Β When I look at Khmer Princess card I feel missing Cambodia. I wish I can go back to Cambodia. That picture at the top is a little temple in Angkor Wat. I have a lot of family in Cambodia. Here I have no one only my friends.

Β  Β  Β I miss Cambodia because Cambodia is where I was born. I miss my Khmer grandma but she already gone forever and my grandpa too. My grandpa gone before I was born.


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Monkey B

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You are not alone when you say you miss home. I left Cuba when I was very young and I only remember leaving, but I still miss her even if I live somewhere much better. There are many people all over the world who feel the same way as you.

Thank you so much you make me feel better now.

very nice

Thank you

Good luck getting your own gold Khmer Princess! While you are waiting, mine has come to pay you a visit for as long as you need it. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for Khmer Princess gold.

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I like your pose! Great job! 😁 I hope you can get the card you want! It is perfect for you! 😊

Thank you so much for supporting me.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Welcome to Splinterlands! I sent you some welcome gifts, you're earth team should be a nice level 2 now!

Thank you so much the pack, dice and card @clove71.

Welcome to Splinterlands! Make sure to use your referral link so others can find the game and you get 5% for life each time they buy a booster pack of cards! Have a great day in Splinterlands I sent you some cards and packs! ~@clove71

Thank you so much.

I will try again someday to play Splinterlands.
I don't understand it yet. :-(
You will be back to Cambodia one of this days.:-)
Enjoy meeting other places. It's just a trip for now.
I loved that photo of the temple.
Cross posted in The Kidz Community. :-)

Thank you so much for every things that you did to me.

I have a lot of fun and I'm happy to talk to kids on Hive. :-)
I would like to see that we have a great playground for us. :-)
And I love all your work. You work a lot like me to do it.
The Kidz Community is our dream. hehe
Keep posting. :-)

I wish you get your hands on this princess. You deserve it!

Thank you so much for your beautiful words.